Protestant healing ministry and more



Accidentally, I stumbled about some videos of Sid Roth - the show is called Supernatural.

for example… Amazing Encounters with Angels, Demons & Heaven! | Henry Gruver on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

or this one here…

I was watching it and yes I missed Purgatory- but really wondered, that these people pray some little prayers and are heald of I cancer stage 5…whereas, they repent and are convinced that the Blood of Christ has erased their sins and they all will come automatically into heaven. (like we believe that Jesus blood saved us when we get absolution after confession).

Please, what is behind all of that? You so often hear the Devil use 99% truth and one % false. And the Church never said who is in Hell- like Hitler or Judas-.

Please tell me, what to think of that and is it, recommended to watch? I heard so many Priest saying that these so-called healings have to be regarded with a great skeptic because people are getting possessed after the so-called “healing” -


It does not really matter, I just want to know what the Church says to these Protestant people??


God gave us the Sacraments of Healing. The “word of faith” “prosperity gospel” faith healers are putting on a good show and they know how to exploit the placebo effect. Pray for them.


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