Protestant hymns


How do other Catholics feel when they go to Mass and hear ‘Shall we Gather at the River’ or ‘A Mighty Fortress is our God’?
Should Protestant hymns be sung in a Catholic Church?
There are a number of songs sung in evangelical circles that are just plain horrible. “Mansion over the Hilltop” springs to mind. Many of the hymns are testifying to each other, not giving praise to God.


It is my understanding that any hymn free of error can obtain liturgical approval. The Church does not have the corner market on truth, but a song is just a song, employing all manner of literary devices where poetic expression can be squelched by legalisms.

I don’t have too much of a problem with Protestant hyms sung at Mass, but I do have a problem with some of their hymns. Protestant guests might be more comfortable when they see one of their hymns sung at Mass, because the Church embraces truth no matter where it is found.


I absolutely Love some of the Protestant hymns, I especially love Southern Gospel praise and worship music. If it points your mind and prayer to God, I see no harm.

The key thing about the protestant hymns sang in a Catholic Church is that they be theologically Sound with no errors concerning the teachings of the Church.

Before I have musical notes lobbed my way, some of the most beautiful hymns sang in my parish are Totally Catholic in every respect, I just find that for me (Huge Disclaimer), alot of the protestant hymns have more “energy”.

When praying the Mass, I listen to beautiful Catholic hymns, when cleaning the house or doing some other sort of chore, I listen to Good Ole Southern Gospel. Either way, my mind and soul are lifted up and my thoughts are on God.:thumbsup:


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