Protestant "Icons"


Just like Evolutionists have “Icons” they must believe to make their “science” work. Protestants have “Icons” to make their “religion” work. When put to the test they do not hold up to the Bible,History and Tradition. What are these “Icons”? I know two for sure but there mut be at least ten. One is the “Bible Alone” and the second is “Faith Alone”.


Uhh… what?:confused:

Hey, I know a website you would love, it’s


Your point?


He’s either trolling, or he is VERY, VERY closed minded…


So basically you are Catholic, yet you seem very, very “old school” in that you reject the (fact of) evolution completely out of hand, and imply that Protestant beliefs amount to absolutely nothing and are disproven by not only the Bible (which depending on how you interpret it can “prove” or “disprove” whatever you want it to) but also by “tradition.”

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