Protestant incursion


It seems like there is a Protestant incursion in many parishes. It is not like in the past. In the past, certain Protestants could only hope that disgruntled former Catholics or lapsed Catholics would find their way into a Protestant fellowship (especially the nondenominationals, which seem to be full of ex-Catholics).

Nowadays, it seems like some Protestant programs are muscling their way into Catholic parishes, and the Catholic parishes only seem more than willing to accommodate these Protestaants, in the spirit of ecumenism, but in reality it is compromise. Alpha is a Bible study program with a Protestant curriculum, but some Catholic parishes participate. Also the “Life in the Spirit” seminar is charismatic Protestantism which has wormed its way into some Catholic parishes. In my own Diocese, there is a Protestant Bible scholar going around to different parishes teaching Bible studies from a Protestant perspective.

In the past, they may have tried to lure Catholics away from St. Miscellaneous into Good Book Baptist. Nowadays they are trying to turn St. Miscellaneous INTO Good Book Baptist.


Life in the Spirit is part of the Catholic Charistmatic Renewal, a spiritual movement supported and approved by the Vatican, and if you care to pursue links posted on the several threads discussing it, you will quickly see from writings of orthodox priests involved in the movement it has very little in common with Pentecostalism, the fundamentalist Protestant movement. Just because it is not your spirituality or mine does not make it heretical, Protestant, dissident or unorthodox.

ALPHA is a series of teachings on the Creed, something all Christians profess, and when presented in Catholic parishes includes classes to explain beliefs and practices that are specifically Catholic. Unless you reject the Creed you have no reason to reject ALPHA when presented under Catholic auspices.

I have no doubt that one Protestant individual is not the only person in your diocese conducting bible studies, and that good, reliable Catholic bible studies are available in most if not all parishes of your diocese. Your rant about Baptists I don’t understand so won’t comment.


I thought the Catholic Charismatic Church is not in communion with Rome, therefore is not really Catholic.


The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is loyal to Rome:

The Catholic Charismatic Church is not in communion with Rome:


Life in the Spirit Seminar



These links are the opinions of neo-catholic fundamentalist, who are not in authority to speak for the Roman Catholic Church.

Until the Church condemns the Charismatic Movement,(which it never will) it would be best that you follow the magestarium of the Church and stop this campaign of hate and misinformation.

Also, the Vatican has called on Catholics to embrace ecumenicism, so here again, you’re attacking what the Holy See has called for.



I think that a number of Catholics have completely misread the sexual abuse scandal and seek to ameliorate their discomfort by embracing Protestant fads which are even now fading in the communities which invented them.

The fact that the sexual abuse scandal was greatly worsened by the American bishops’ abandonment of canon law in favor of the bogus “solutions” provided by the therapeutic culture seems to elude some. This same therapeutic culture permeated many a Protestant community, with predictable if less well-publicized results, but the message some seem to have gotten is that these communities somehow avoided sexual abuse scandals.

As the “Spirit of Vatican II” slinks off into history and the Tridentine Mass and traditional Catholic devotions return, Catholics who have never been comfortable with Catholicism will seek out the next set of innovations. Same as it ever was.


So your asking me to accept every Protestant fad that comes along, and embrace it in the spirit of ecumenism?

If I wander into a Protestant church, and in particular one of the Evangelicical variety, there will probably be an inviitation. The preacher will invite people to come forward to “accept Jesus as their personal saviour” and pray a simple “sinners prayer” I know the drill. Been there done that.

But if that sort of activity happens in my local Catholic parish, am I expected to sit idly by and allow it to happen? I might as well have stayed a Protestant and never have converted to Catholicism, if there’s no difference anymore. Ecumenism does not mean compromising the faith to accommodate Protestant beliefs.


I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions of the blogger, but the blogger does correctly identify that Alpha and LITSS are Protestant inventions that have crept in and are embraced by some Catholic parishes.


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