Protestant Inquisition?


I remeber seeing on a previous thread a post with a link to an articale of “The Protestant Inquisition”. Could anyone give any information on this? I mean some real info. in it. Thanks and God bless.


I think such things like the Salem Witch Trials would count as a Protestant Inquisition. The Puritan’s abuse of pagens and non-beleivers. Or did you want a specific event that can be dated?


I don’t have a specific reference material to recommend, but look into the persecution by the Anglican Church (Church of England) just after the reformation. There is even a special feast day for the martyrs who died for the faith in England:


Is this what you’re looking for, Montie?


[quote=RobNY]Is this what you’re looking for, Montie?

Well, That is what I saw on another thread. I was wondering if there were any history books on the subject that could give me a clearer and more full picture of things.


That’s a tough one because there is so much bias. The one article that they gave above, entitled “The Protestant Inquisition” is about the most balanced thing I’ve seen on it.


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