Protestant level in Heaven


I was just wondering what Degree of Glory Protestants think they
are going to get in Heaven. Lets see,they don’t have to Pray,don’t
have to do Good Works, and don’t even have to go to church on Sunday.So do Protestants think that they will get the same Glory that say a Mother Theresa, a Martyr,or a Great Saint will Get?


I just wonder how many Protestants you expect to convert with that attitude! :rolleyes:


That’s why they should join the Catholic Church so they can go to the Highest Levels of Heaven.:thumbsup:


BTW, Techno, have you ever met the couple on Bourbon Street who have the cross? I started an “Assurance of Salvation” discussion with them. Even drunk, I was able to refute several of their arguments… Well, at least I THINK I was able to refute them! :slight_smile:

It was kind of funny. Here they are talking to a drunk Christian, so I think they correctly thought I was Catholic. But them I was able to quote Scripture, which made them think I wasn’t Catholic. Then I started quoting what the Church REALLY teaches, not what they think the Church teaches. I don’t know if they ever really figured me out.


BTW, what are the “levels of heaven” you are talking about? I had a guy in my class at Church ask me (Protestant considering joining the Church) and I don’t think Catholics teach levels of heaven. He thought there were 3.


I think there are 9 Levels according to Dante Alighieri, St.Paul
saw Heaven from the Level 3 and yes Bourbon Street and can be
Fun and Strange.


Is this a serious question or are you simply trying to annoy Protestants?

Since we are saved by God’s grace and his grace alone, I think I’ll let Him figure out where He’s going to put me. Respectfully, I’d suggest you do the same.


There are some beautiful Protestant folks out there living chartitable holy lives, a few I know very well, God will not overlook these things;)


Oh I Know that, I’m taking about Protestant like the Jack Chick People who think it’s silly to do Good Works. I’m saying that
there is more to Heaven than just geting Saved.


I have seen that couple in Bourbon Street in N.O. and I saw them in a heated arguement with some lady. They are insulted, spitted upon and I have heard that they have been peed upon by drunk people. I think that they are doing a great ministry. Bourbon street, especially during Mardi Gras is full of excess and sin. I wish there were more Christians like them, with the courage to do that.

It is funny to me, NotWorthy, but how can you be defending and contending about the faith while you are in sin (i.e., drunk).

Any way,




Heaven is desirable for only one reason - that Christ is there. Take Him away, & it would be worth exactly nothing.

This is the teaching both of canonised Saints, & of the Puritans (who were Protestants all; mostly Calvinists). St. Paul longed, not for Heaven, but for Christ. He wasn’t interested in his good works - he reckoned all things as muck, dung, excrement, in comparison with Christ.

St.Philip Neri longed, not for his own glorification, but for Christ - he was transformed by Him, because he hungered & thirsted for Christ, & denied self & died to himself :slight_smile: . If we seek our own glory, we shall lose everything, Heaven most of all - the only way to be sure of heavenly glory, is to have Him Who is the Source & Purpose of it all :slight_smile: - IOW, to get our priorities right, as we are told in the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.

Anyone in Heaven is there because they have been shown how to love God by the Spirit of Christ. Good works etc., are valuable in so far as they come from the Love of God - & no further.


I think Mardi Gras is the (Emperors New Clothes) Those Preachers out there are very Anti-CatholicI Know one personally, he helped tear my Family apart with his Jack Chick Bible interpretations. He BrainWashed My Sister and Brother in law
against me and my Dad a devout Catholic, But they made zero headway.Those Preachers are out there Because its easy persecution and publicity.


Good question. When discussing sola fide with Protestants I often mention that Jesus always speaks of Judgment in terms of ones “deeds”. The stock standard answer is that ones entrance into heaven is secured by faith, but that one will receive a particular level of reward in heaven based on ones deeds. I would assume that mainstream protestants do believe in levels of heaven.


God told us:

1Jo 3:2 “Yes, dear friends, we are already God’s children, and we can’t even imagine what we will be like when Christ returns. But we do know that when he comes we will be like him

Glory be to God!

Lets see,they don’t have to Pray,don’t
have to do Good Works, and don’t even have to go to church on Sunday.




So do Protestants think that they will get the same Glory that say a Mother Theresa, a Martyr,or a Great Saint will Get?

One, you assume Teresa will be in Heaven.
Two, I wasn’t aware this was some sort of competition among Christians.

How well will you fare?

How good are you, friend?
Have you prayed as much as you should have?
Have you loved all those around you as much as Christ wills?
How many have you brought to the Lord?

Maybe that should be your concern…


Jesus talked about The last being First, and the First being Last
also, some of the Apostles wanted to know if Jesus could promise them a high place in Heaven (at his right hand) is this in the Bible or not?


Yes, I fully admit to watching too much DragonBall Z with my daughter but . . .

Reading the original premise of his I couldn’t help but picture someone wearing a little lens over one eye with a readout on the inside as they scan people . . .

"Oh my goodness, his Grace score is over 10,000 . . . I’ve never seen a score so high . . . "

Or for the Star Wars fans . . . I wasn’t quite aware that Grace can be measured like midi-chlorians in potential Jedi students.


It’s not about me it’s about the different teachings out there, it seems to me that most of the Protestant groups tell you to fine Jesus though research and only to get saved never about, Merit
extra Glory and higher Levels Heaven. But the Catholic Church
does, just by pointing to the Saints


Being a Saint isn’t about getting extra glory in Heaven. Saints are those that the Church has determined have achieved Heaven and serve as role models to the members of the Church on Earth. They are still called to serve in that they are called upon to intercede on behalf of those that call upon them from Earth.


So what’s your score?

You meriting lots of glory?


I say bow your head and look at grace. That will clear up this thinking real quick.


I don’t doubt they might have “anti-catholic” beliefs. I know they have been deceived by people like Chick at that. But all I am saying that while they are holding the CROSS at Bourbon Street, they are not trying to convert Catholics, they are trying to convert SINNERS, or keep the Christians who are there from sinning.

Many blessings,


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