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I am a Protestant who has become fed up with the consumer Christianity infesting Protestantism today. Reading the church fathers I was surprised how un-Protestant they were. Still I find myself attracted to Orthodoxy more than Catholicism. I have my problems with papal infallibility and I still often view Catholicism as often coming close to legalism on some fronts. I wish for some Catholics to convince me of why Roman Catholicism is the True Catholic and Holy Apostolic Church and not Eastern Orthodoxy. Yes I get the whole thing about Peter and the rock, but I want a more in depth answer than that. I recognize full well that the Pope was at one point the head of all patriarchs but the Orthodox understanding is he did not preach infallibility.

Have you read the Clement of Rome’s 1st Epistle to Corinth?

“The church of God which sojourns at Rome to the church of God which sojourns at Corinth … But if any disobey the words spoken by him through us, let them know that they will involve themselves in transgression and in no small danger.” Clement of Rome, Pope, 1st Epistle to the Corinthians, 1,59:1 (c. A.D. 96).

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The Primacy of Peter, the Papacy and Apostolic Succession

and this…

Dear friend! Only here you will find support for Catholicism! I think Protestants are very Catholic in view redemption. Find out, discover our teaching of theosis! You understand this basic teaching you will understand error of Immaculate Conception, And hence ofinfallibility which promote such immaculate conception! If you understand Orthodox teachings on resurrection, Holy Spirit and theosis, Catholicism willnot attract But caution these are very differet to Western Catholic oriented mind!! I pray you persevere!

I think a big problem in Eastern Orthodoxy is that they don’t have the ability to call an ecumenical council. The modes that are used to call an e. council, by either the Roman Pontiff or an emperor… don’t work for them. There are no more emperors and they don’t obey the Pope.

(I may be incorrect about how an e. council is convened, but it still stands, they’ve had none since the Great Schism)

I am not allowed to proselytize, but for me it would help to know what proestant communion you are a member of. And, please explain what “consumer Christianity” is.


There are some councils which have ecumenical-like status (see the hesychast councils), which are basically ecumenical in all but name (in the case of the hesychast councils, we see that the encyclical of the Eastern patriarchs of 1848 refers to them as the ninth ecumenical council). This talk of a pan-Orthodox council would also essentially be an ‘ecumenical council’. The Orthodox avoid the term ecumenical council for councils convened after the fall of the empire because, as you pointed out, without an the Empire (which the title oikoumene is historically attached to), there really is no ‘ecumenical council’.

It is also worth pointing out that the Roman Catholic Church did not start calling all of its its general councils ecumenical until only two or three centuries ago. For example, well into the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, we see references to Florence as being the ninth or even eighth ecumenical council (which is incorrect by modern numbering conventions). It’s not quite as clear-cut of an issue as one might like to think.

Are you tryinig to start a fight? Talk to priests on both sides for your best resource.

I was sorta wondering that myself…Usually when I see posts like this they had
a bad experience with someone/something. As opposed to a relationship with Christ…

Another suggestion, ask converts who investigated both…and why they decided RCC or Orthodox.

Here is a site you can ask advice from prospective converts…

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