Protestant looking for advice on natural family planning

i am a protestant mom who feels like a fish out of water in my circle of friends when it comes to the topic of birth control. my husband and i agree with the catholic views on pro-creation and have been very impacted by they holy father’s writings in humanae vitae. where can we turn for “training” or resources on natural family planning?

This may be of some help; there are some good books, too, but I can’t think of them atm, sorry!

I second the above poster - go to the Couple to Couple League website, find a teaching couple in your area, and take the class. If there’s no class near you, or you’re unable to attend (my husband’s work schedule made it impossible for us) take the home study course.

The Art of Natural Family Planning by Kippley is the “text” for the course presented by the Couple to Couple League. I tried to work through the book on my own, but it was difficult. DH & I ordered the home study course, and found that with the support provided by CCL, it was MUCH easier. CCL is a great resource!

Have you read “Open Embrace” by Sam and Bethany Torode? It’s one of the best books I’ve read on nfp. They are a protestant couple who felt instinctively that birth control was wrong and began looking at what Scripture had to say, and really became passionate about nfp in practice and its morality. I highly recommend it.

To learn the method and get support, definitely check out the Couple to Couple League to take either a course or home-study class. Though it’s a Catholic organization, I know there are protestants who take the classes as well.

“Taking Control of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler is a good book for learning about fertility signs and the nfp method. It’s not a Catholic or Christian book though, so it will simply teach you the basic physiological components of nfp. It’s very in-depth and a good resource though. “The New, No-Pill, No-Risk Birth Control” by Nona Aguilar is a favorite of mine. It goes through the method of nfp and also discusses the emotional and spiritual aspects of it more (but it’s not a specifically Catholic book). It has real-life comments from couples who’ve used nfp that were a great assurance and inspiration to me before we were married and before we had used nfp.

Some friends of ours are Protestant but just recently started using nfp. They are hard to find, but they’re out there! Best wishes in finding support…feel free to come to this board if you need any support from fellow nfp’ers!

I third CCL. I have been a member for 12 years. They are very helpful!


Well, you are getting a regular CCL lovefest here…and I wholeheartedly agree.

My wife and I teach for CCL, and this past year we taught as many protestant couples as we did catholics. It is the most echumenical teaching the Church has to offer our separated breathern. The advice you have gotten is quite good, and CCL Central will team you up with a teaching couple nearby if you want to take the Home Study course. We have had many a phone conference with couples in the same situation as yourselves.

God Bless you on this journey, and if you want more specifics, email through the site and I will be happy to help.

Pax Christi,

Just to clarify, CCL is not a Catholic Organisation and has no direct connection to the Catholic Church. CCL does, when teaching theology, teach the Catholic understanding of birth control .

Also being a CCL teacher, I recommend classes. It is much easier to hear the explanations, have your charts reviewed, and be able to freely ask questions whether in class or privately before/after.

There are other alternatives as well.

:clapping: Ah! Protestants have finally figured it out! NFP does not stand for “Not For Protestants!” :dancing:

I agree that CCL is the perfect place to begin. We were protestant when we began NFP, after the birth of our first son. We took a course through a local catholic church and it was wonderful. We also met some very dear friends there. (We converted on my due date with our second son. I guess a natural progression.) In the Arlington Diocese in the N. Virginia, D.C. area it is required of engaged couples and is readily available to those who are interested. Here in S. CA you really have to seek it out. Don’t give up hope if a class is not easy to come by. Check out your local diocese. Also, you may find some other couples at your church who practice NFP but are too bashfull to admit it.

Another thing to keep in mind. CCL is big at pushing “attachment parenting” and “ecological breastfeeding”. I felt compelled to share this because it is mentioned throughout the book, which is a good thing and a great resource if you decide to parent that way. For those who don’t, it might make you feel a bit uncomfortable. Just pass on by those parts. (It truly is a personal decision and an issue for another post.) They are solid on NFP and all its benefits as well as breastfeeding issues, fertility and a slew of other important topics. Just an FYI.

Good luck and praise you for being open to our Lords teachings and the Holy Fathers wise words.

I’d give the same advice as the other posts, but I wanted to mention one thing. I hope you encourage your Protestant friends to also read the material that you find helpful and remind them that birth control is a new method in relation to the history of Christianity. Being Pro-life is also a Protestant view and I hope that some of your friends will notice the inconsistency in being Pro-life, but also using contraceptives that may unknowingly abort a baby due to the fertilized egg not being able to implant itself.

I just don’t want you to think by accepting nfp, then you must be Catholic. Encourage all your Pro-life friends to try to understand it even if it may be too difficult for them to live. Janet Smith also has a tape called Contraception, Why Not? that covers the arguments regarding birth control that you might find helpful in explaining some things to your fellow Brothers and Sisters (your circle of friends).

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