Protestant ministers do not support the Supreme Court on Partial Birth Abortion


Here is a quote from article I read.

“And now, to make it worse, the government is codifying these refusals, first through legislation and now with the recent Supreme Court decision, where five Catholic men decided that they could better determine what was moral and good than the physicians, women and families facing difficult, personal choices in problem pregnancies,” it added.

The group includes ordained Protestant ministers, a Jewish activist, an expert on women’s reproductive rights and several physicians.

“The threat comes from a few, but powerful, religions and a few … powerful religious leaders who pretend to speak for all religions,” said Larry Greenfield, executive minister of the American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago.

“Health care decisions ought to be made freely, based on medical expertise and individual conscience,” he added.

The group wrote up a series of guidelines and asked for all health care providers to implement them.

They include allowing doctors to use best medical practices, providing comprehensive counseling on sexual or reproductive health and an agreement to honor advance directives – including “do not resuscitate” orders.
“Refusal to provide health care would be balanced by alternate service delivery so that no one would be victimized when another exercises his/her conscience,” the guidelines read.

Why are these so called Protestant leaders so oppose to Supreme Court decision to uphold the Ban on Partial Birth of Abortion?

It just prove to me that Protestant Ministers DON’T have a say on the use of abortion, or contraception. They just say they are ok for use.

The Catholic Church stands alone… This is sad. For a Protestant to support Abortion is wrong! They should support the Catholic Church and the Supreme Court decision on Partial Birth Abortion NOT CONDEMNED IT!


Rev. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, an Episcopal Church priest and board chair for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, comments at a news conference on the Capitol steps March 22, 1999, in Tallahassee, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark Foley)


Don’t judge all Protestant ministers on the words of a few. Most Protestant ministers I know are opposed to abortion and probably applauded the Supreme Court decision.


That’s a joke if it wasn’t so serious, pro-family pro-choice, they left out pro-hell.


Since many Protestant churches are independent, the minister can teach all sorts of things. It doesn’t mean all ministers agree. (any more than all Catholics agree :frowning: —KCT


I agree. The sad truth is you could probably find some Catholic priests who disagreed with the Supreme Court’s ruling.


I think you will find the overwhelming majority of Protestants are adamantly pro-life.


You have to be one of the most disingenuous posters I have ever encountered.

In addition to being molestors of little boys, many of your priests are pro-aborts. If that wasn’t bad enough, you have bishops, cardinals, and of course your unholy father, the pathetic JPII hid the perverted priests. What a church you belong to.


Normally such posts don’t deserve a response, but I couldn’t hold back.
Anyway, you are either quite misinformed yourself or trying to misinform others. Pedophilia and other abuses among Catholic clergy have been less than among school teachers, police officers, Protestant clergy, fathers in general, etc.
The fact is that the Catholic Church is becoming more and more lonely in supporting Christian morals. Whether you like/agree with it or not, Western society and various Christian denominations are constantly drifting away from Christian understanding of morals into “I’ll do whatever pleases me” attitude. Of course, many Catholics (including some priests and even bishops) fall into this category, but nobody can accuse the Catholic Church of supporting “modern”, anti-Christian values.
Regarding Pope John Paul II: I wouldn’t be casting any stone against him, and I’m quite certain that you aren’t eligible for that, either. Or am I wrong?
P.S. FYI: We belong to the Church that Christ Himself established.


Many doesn’t equal all, just like MANY non-Catholics doesn’t equal all.

If that wasn’t bad enough, you have bishops, cardinals, and of course your unholy father, the pathetic JPII hid the perverted priests. What a church you belong to.

This I find quite offensive, unholy Father ? pathetic ? some Bishops, Cardinals etc ; may have protected them, unless your advocating that they should have gathered a lynch mob, or trial by media.

Have you any evidence that John Paul 2 protected sex offenders ?


My minister and church was excited about the ruling and so was my sister and her church:thumbsup:

2 protestant churches for it.:thumbsup: :wink:


Why do you conclude that these Protestant ministers speak for all Protestants? Don’t you recognize that Protestants disagree with each other on this and many other issues?

Catholics do not stand alone. Many Protestants are prolife, and you should know that.



Unfortunately, most prochoice Protestants come from large and fairly centralized denominations.



Manny… you are awfully anti- Protestant these days, and saying some things that are just flat-out untrue. What gives?



I know many catholics are pro-choice. I do not think it is a denomination issue, IMO it is a society going morally wrong issue because they dont have God in their life–regardless of whether or not they go to church.

I use to be pro-choice and even after God saved me I still thought like that for awhile but not anymore. It had nothing to do with what church I went to. It had everything to do with living a sinful life without God and caving into what the World says is ok.:mad:


But even liberal Catholic parishes are quite strongly prolife. Sure there are dissenters, but the level of unity on this issue is impressive. It’s one of the big things that draws me to CAtholicism.



Yes I would agree with you on this.:smiley:


Please remember whom you are quoting here in this article. The American Baptist Church is very liberal so I am not surprised by their viewpoint here. On the other hand I know of no concervative Christian church or pastor that supports abortion of any kind.


I don’t know if I would call him anti-Protestant. Anti-error, maybe.

It seems as if he would be in shock to hear about this, as am I. There are many Protestants (not all) that try to lead Catholics out of the Church claiming that what they have is truth. I personally thought that they could do better than sinking so low. Conformity is not a sign of truth.

The sad thing, is that Protestant ministers cannot really have a say in abortion or contraception. One minister cannot speak over another. They all claim the same “authority,” yet don’t have the power to enforce anything. Unless a minister has a big pocket, or huge mailing list, or large church, there isn’t much he can do than tell the flock he does have.

In Pax Christi


In all fairness many Protestants are Pro-Life as well. Different denominations can have radically different moral codes.

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