Protestant miracles?

Any protestants out there are there any documented miracles you can point me to, in all my research I haven’t ran across any

What does “documented” mean? A woman who was baptized this year at my Church was healed of her brain tumor after a prayer meeting. I should really ask my Church for the video; I’m sure you’d believe her if you saw it.

That however does not convince the scientists, nor do your “documented miracles.”

My entrance into the Christian faith is a small miracle - I’m one of the most pride-filled and stubborn people I’ve met, and if left to my own devices, I wouldn’t even be spiritual.

There’s also the miracle of this church:

It’s a thriving confessional Lutheran church in the most secular Lutheran synods in one of the most secular cities in the United States. It simply would not exist without the Holy Spirit.

Documented as in written down or videoed with evidence is probably what Adamski means.

I have not heard of any, am interested to see what comes of this.

Yes that is what I am thinking there are thousands of catholic ones I have never heard of a single documented Protestant one

If there was solid evidence then scientists would also find it compelling wouldn’t they? I think the evidence of miracles through Jesus Christ in all denominations is not convincing to anyone except those with Faith.

So what miracles of the CC have been documented and accepted by the scientific community? We have explanations for everything, can you cite some works by any renowned scientist that admits that something divine has happened within the CC?

Pentecostals claim lots of miracles.

Praise God! :thumbsup:

A Coptic one, where Saint Simon the Shoemaker moved a mountain in Cairo back in the 10th century, link.

Countless miracles occur at the Protestant church all the time but they generally aren’t publicized as loudly or as often as seen inside the Catholic church. If you want to hear about miracles, there is one guy by the name of Brother Yun who did amazing things because of God’s power. Read this book. If this guy was Catholic, he would be on the saint watch list.

If you want to look for miracles look up miraclous healing or other similar search terms. You should be able to find something.

There’s the Heaven is for Real story, which could be considered miraculous. There are also stories of amazing things happening in places where Christians are persecuted for their faith.

That is the most inspiring thing I have read in a long time! Thanks for sharing that. All I can say is “WOW!”

"The Holy Virgin told him to go to the great market. She said to him, "There thou wilt find a one-eyed man carrying on his shoulder a jar full of water; seize him, for he it is at whose hands this miracle shall be manifested.” :eek:


Does “The Holy Virgin” perform miracles and provide protection in the protestant areas. I see she intercedes in the apostolic church’s pretty regular. Whats that mean? :confused:

I have told this story in another thread, but due to the prayers of at least one sister at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Toledo, OH, I was healed from a grave illness as a child. I woke up to see the face of this dear sister, who had her hands cupped around mine - and a small statue of the Blessed Virgin in my hands. I have no way of thanking the nun who prayed for me, but can certainly thank Mary for her prayers on my behalf.

My cardiologist today just shakes his head about how I have thrived and even managed to bear 7 kids. Miracle? I think so.

I surely wasn’t healed due to any merits of mine, but through our Lord’s mercy to me in response to the fervent prayers of His Mother and the saints in heaven and on earth.

“Protestant miracles” tend to be less publicized and studied for several reasons. I’ve heard “first-hand” accounts of miracles happening much more where new evangelization is happening in low-tech parts of our world. People being healed of blindness, etc… where their eyes were white, and after anointing and laying on of hands, their eyes were clear, and they testified they were blind and now could see perfectly.

I’ve heard accounts of actual foreign tongues being spoken by those who didn’t know the language in new evangelization fields. Protestants don’t tend to try to “prove” the miracles, or record them. I see some good things to that, and some negatives.

There are tons of catholic documents miracles the science have looked in to that are catholic in all generations and all places
Bleeding statues of jesus in Bolivia, our lady of Guadalupe, Eucharistic miracles Siena August 17, 1730, lanciano 8th century, just recently in Argentina. I could list 1000’s of catholic real examples

This thread just proves my point I have never seen any documented Protestant miracle

But no one is saying that you have. Other people are saying that they have, but no one would argue that you have unless you say that you have.

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