Protestant Music

Just wondering, is it ok to listen to Protestant music? As long as it’s not anti-Catholic or anything.

I often find myself annoyed when I listen to it nowadays since becoming Catholic. Some lyrics are a contradiction of Catholic teaching, OSAS or Sola Fide, etc.

To me, a lot of it just sounds like whining, or not even Christian music at all. There are some Catholic artists out there, I don’t know of them off hand. You could always listen to Gregorian Chant though. :thumbsup:

In Pax Christi

I think one of the best things that ever happened to good, proper Christian music was the incluion of some Protastant songs. Amazing Grace is perhas the best example I can think of at this moment.

We enjoy much of Third Day, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Stellar Kart, and Bebo Norman.
Their praise music doesn’t move us to change our faith - it’s pleasing to praise our Lord with others, don’t you think?:smiley:

I have no standing to answer this question, but for what it’s worth Rich Mullins was allegedly on the point of becoming Catholic when he died. I think many of his songs are very compatible with Catholicism.

You may be familiar with John Michael Talbot, a CCM singer who is Catholic and collaborated with the Protestant Michael Card in an album called “Brother to Brother.” I once knew a young Reformed Baptist (with the glorious name of Augustine Athanasius, though his friends called him “Gus”) who listened to this album surreptitiously in the car.


I LOVE Rich Mullins. “Sometimes By Step” is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

On topic, I think that as long as it’s not damaging your faith somehow or denigrating to the Catholic Church you should be fine. I listen to gospel music a lot and there are some songs that emphasize OSAS or the Bible, but it doesn’t get to me because I know what the Church teaches. I take from it what is uplifting to me.

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