Protestant Neighbor Qwestion

Sometimes Protestants say some of most shocking things. We were chit-chatting and Catholicism came up. She said something like, “Y’all don’t believe there are any more Prophets do you?” I must’ve looked at her “Huh?”:confused: She then says something to the affect, “Because I believe they’re with us all the time.” Again I was like, “Ok?” :confused: I was confused so I thought I would throw something at her equally alien: I mentioned Marian Appritions. What does she mean by this?
She’s making stuff up.

Why don’t you just ask her what she means. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean about prophets, can you give me an example?”

Just throwing out something about Marian apparitions isn’t going to help unless you both know what the topic is.

Do you know what denomination/faith background she is from? There is a huge gulf of beliefs between say a Calvary Chapel person and an Anglican, let alone JW and others. You need to understand her point of view before you can change it. But If you are just interested in chit-chatting, then I’d just brush all her remarks off.

Sounds Pentecostal. This is a basic Pentecostal belief, generally rejected by other Protestants.


True, but Pentecostals (at least the Assemblies of God) doesn’t believe that new teachings about Jesus or the Bible will come from those with the “gift of prophecy.” Such prophecy usually concerns the end times (as they believe in it) or “personal” prophecies concerning their spiritual lives, and that sort of thing.

However, there are people who follow new “prophets” and believe that these prophets have the latest word from God, even if that “word” contradicts traditional Christian beliefs about Jesus, his person, what the Bible means, etc. And that is scary.

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