Protestant or Catholic Bible?


from a place called Bibles for America.
Can some one help me is this a Catholic Bible or a Protestants Bible ?? Tahnk You


Definitely bible-only Evangelical Protestant. See their Statement of Faith at
They are associated with Living Stream ministries, a vehemently anti-Catholic group.

[quote=Bibles for America]Living Stream Ministry publishes the Recovery Version of the Bible and the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

:eek: These guys were wacko cult leaders in Taiwan and the US in the early 1900’s. The website says that the Recovery Bible incorporates ideas, footnotes and comments from Witness Lee. :eek: :eek:


"The use of the word “recovery” does not refer to a person’s recovery from alcoholism or other substance abuse. Rather, it refers to the regaining of matters of biblical truth, Christian experience, and church practice that have been lost over time because of misunderstanding, mistranslation, or misinterpretation under the influences of history, tradition, and even religion.

Particularly since Martin Luther’s time, God has been working to recover these truths, such as Luther’s revelation that justification is by faith (Rom. 1:16-17). Now for the first time, these recovered truths are brought together in a unique study Bible-the New Testament Recovery Version."

That pretty much tells me all I need to know. The standard "God’s original Church went apostate, and His originally revealed Truth became lost and corrupted until God made revelation to Martin Luther and the Reformers to reestablish His “true church”.

Basically, Christ was crucified, and the “true church” had to lay dormant for about 70 years waiting for God to finish revealing his Truth through the authors of the various books of Sacred Scripture. This “true church” then had the gates of hell prevail against it by almost immediately falling into apostacy and distorting God’s revealed Truth. God waited well over a millenia (about 1300 years) before the second savior of the world (Martin Luther) received God’s revelation, which is a little problematic since “the Bible is God’s only revelation…”, and I am certain included something about 7 extra books.

Oh well…I’m sure it makes sense to them.


Very easy to tell.

Just look at Luke 1:28 That is the telltale sign.



Catholic Bibles have 73 books.
Protestant Bibles have 66 books. (A few have something called the “apocrypha” sandwiched between the testamnets; it has the missing books & a few others).


I don’t know whether it is “Protestant” but it is certainly not Catholic.


The Catholic Bible is the fullness of Christian Truth.


Thank you for your answer but this Bible only has the NT or I lest that all I got in the mail


Very easy to tell.

Just look at Luke 1:28 That is the telltale sign.


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