protestant radio commercial. political propaghada?

I sometimes listen to 540 AM radio in Orlando Florida. There is a protestant commercial
in which the narrorator states " Forgiveness doesn’t mean lifting the punishment, it means the relationship is healed. I can’t help but to think this is some sort of political propaganda.
campaign, being that it is called Strait From the Heart.
Forgiveness would seem pretty useless if you still got the **** beat out of you, or Jesus said, " Your sins are forgiven, now go strait to hell and burn"
I think this is another example of how a lot of people don’t have the authority to interpret scriptures.

not sure how you get a political angle out this but…
sounds like these guys are advocating purgatory.

yep,thats my read.op,maybe you were listening to Catholic Answers

My guess is that the radio spot you heard is from Right from the Heart by Bryant Wright. They pay for commercials to air on WFLF and several other radio stations in the Orlando area. I haven’t heard the spot myself, and I can’t get the commercials to play on their web site ( I think it’s a Java problem on my machine…

Anyway, after familiarizing myself with Wright’s beliefs as described on the site, he seems pretty mainstream Protestant. As such, there is no way his comments on the radio spot meant that a relationship was restored but punishment was yet to come. My guess (only a guess, because I do not know Wright and I haven’t heard the radio spot. I am speaking from a purely Protestant theological standpoint…) is that the context of the remark is that sin is a breaking of the original relationship between God and man. To this way of thinking, sin is that which separates us from God, breaks the relationship, and puts us in rebellion against God. It’s us thinking we know better and usurping his authority. On our own, there is no way to restore the relationship. No matter how hard we try, we can never be “good enough” to enter into the presence of the holy God. The Israelites under the Mosaic law were poster children of this failure. It just can’t be done. Jesus, in paying the penalty for our sin on the cross, restores the relationship damaged by sin. Symbolic of the change, the curtain in the temple was rent at the moment of Christ’s death (Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23), picturing the removal of separation and restoration of the relationship between God and man. Jesus Christ accomplished what man could/cannot do on his own.

Punishment was not lifted. It was paid by another in order to restore us to fellowship with God.

I would disagree since we “can” restore our relationship with God. By going to confession with a Priest as He instructed we can restore our relationship with Him. We can’t absolve ourselves of sin, but we can do as Christ instructed and put ourselves at His mercy to confess our sins and seek absolution with a contrite heart.

I was not referring to the finer points of what can or can’t happen once Christ has saved us–although I will acknowledge that there is considerable disagreement between Catholics and Protestants in this area. I was referring to the fact that if Jesus Christ hadn’t died for the sins of man, man could not have saved himself. Absent the sacrifice of Jesus Christ there is no hope for mankind.

If there were consequences following forgiveness, Jesus would have never told the man who died next to him that today he would be with Jesus in paradise, washing the new believer to be as white as snow.

I believe the meaning to this statement is that there are earthly consequences for sinning, even after God has forgiven you. Say you got busted for DUI, God will forgive you for sinning, but that doesn’t mean God will get you out of going to court,paying a fine, or maybe doing some jail time. We have to live with the earthly consequences of our sins even after our relationship has been repaired with God through His grace.

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