Protestant said praying to Mary isn’t in the bible


He’s getting more snippy. I don’t think he likes how much he’s being challenged.


And that’s exactly the trap that led to 40,000 Protestant denominations. They ignore scripture’s warning against this very thing, as he is doing. He is saying he knows more about the Word of God than scripture itself.

He sounds like he’s getting frustrated. :slight_smile: Typical of those who are indoctrinated and are being shown the truth for the first time.


Complete delusion.

Typical of those who are indoctrinated with the half truths of Protestantism. Fundamentalist Protestantism is not really a cult itself but this attitude is very cult like.


He went from, “I love how you believe in Jesus” to “You must believe in a different Jesus and rely on a man to tell you what Scripture says.”


Well said. No Mary is not older than God but that is irrelevant. Mary carried the divine person of God in her womb, thus logically by definition making her the Mother of God.

The fundie Protestant attempt to separate Jesus into two different persons (“the flesh” and his divine person), is a heresy invented in the 5th century and should be disqualifying for anyone wanting to call themselves a Christian. Even Luther himself did not believe this nonsense.


so, you agree there are ‘scripted prayers’ in the Psalms and there is no prohibition against scripted prayers in the Bible. By the way, songs and poems can also be prayers. So Catholics are correct that scripture can be used as prayers.

How many times can you repeat scripture before it becomes vain? oh, wait, scripture isn’t vain, is it? So repeating scripture is OK.

You don’t understand what the verb ‘pray’ means. Your understanding is a modern one and not held by early Christians, nor most Christians. “to pray” means “to ask”. You equate prayer with worship but prayer can also have an intercessory purpose. Old English “Pray tell me, what is the time?” Is the speaker expressing worship or attributing deity to the listener? Neither of course. Christians believe you can ask anyone to pray for you. Have you never asked anyone to pray for you? You’ve never had anyone come to you and say, I lost my job, please pray for me that I get another one. Is that person ‘praying/worshiping’ to you? No, they are asking you to intercede for them.

We can pray to Mary because we are not WORSHIPING her with our prayers. We are asking for her intercession. Since scripture says the prayers of a righteous man avail much. and Jesus commands us to pray for one another and this command doesn’t end with death we can ask Mary to intercede for us.

Of course we can pray directly to God but Catholics use the whole Bible and therefore also ask others to pray for us.


I don’t think you can actually say G-d based his word on the Catholic faith! If you believe the bible is based on Catholicism, then the bible is not the word of G-d! I’m not a Catholic, but I do know Catholic theologians based the faith on the bible, primarily. Since Catholics consider Mary the Mother of G-d, they pray to her asking her to intercede for them with her Son. However, this is something Catholic theologians have extracted from the bible and what it says. Nowhere in the bible does it instruct anyone to pray to Mary or even to intercede for them.


The fact is that it is not in the bible. Why can’t you just be happy and rejoice in your faith and not try to change the faith of others? In this case, they are right. It’s not in the bible.


Scripture is not based on any denomination, it is the written Word of God but the written word is NOT the complete Word. Even Scripture itself says so.

And Mary is the Mother of God, by very definition of mother.


The bible did not exist before it was written, but our faith did. Eventually, the contents of the new testament were written to pass on the faith that already existed, and then the Catholic church determined which books were to be included in the canon of the bible.

Please tell us, how do you know what books belong in the bible? Also, what book of the NT did the apostles turn to after the crucifixion to help them?


Very uncharitable to talk about someone that way instead of just ignoring him or her. Charity was the only real commandment Jesus gave people: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s not easy, but to call yourself a practicing Christian, you have to try. So do I, and I am Jewish. We just word it differently.


The idea that written Scripture is the complete Word of God is not found there either. The opposite is however.

We do rejoice in our faith. Unlike fundie Protestants and other denominations such as JW, we don’t actively try to “change” other people’s faith, as that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. But we can correct misinformed perspectives about our faith and there are plenty of those.


Then you agree with me: the bible was not based on Catholicism.


Our faith (Catholicism) is based 100% on God’s Word, through Christ. Not the other way around.


Fine. I was rude. I get tired of reading slanderous lie after slanderous lie about my faith which I cherish. And he gave two commandments, not one.


If you’re Catholic, you don’t need a guru. You can study and learn on your own if you choose to do so, and you can certainly direct your prayers directly to G-d, without intercession.


Off topic (I see you are Jewish) I always found it was an interesting Jewish custom to say “G-d” instead of God. From what I know of Jewish law I thought that “restriction” only applied to Hebrew writing and not on the internet. Could be wrong though.


You don’t need a guru, but you do need an authority to understand. Why? Scripture says so. Relying on your own interpretation is precisely what Scripture tells us NOT to do, in fact it condemns it very strongly as I posted above. The end result… 40,000 Protestant denominations relying on their “personal” interpretation vs 1 Catholic church.


And the Archangel Gabriel said to her: ‘Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with Thee.’

And when Elizabeth greeted Mary, the babe in her womb leapt for joy and she was filled with the Holy Spirit and cried out, ‘Blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.’

The rosary is SCRIPTURAL


It’s not fine to be rude, to anyone. What about Jesus’ saying regarding turning the other cheek? You need to heed that. We all do.

No one likes to hear negativity about their faith, but feeding trolls leads to bigger trolls.

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