Protestant said praying to Mary isn’t in the bible


Yes and most importantly, but that doesn’t exclude asking his mother and saints to pray for us.


Why do you judge that @Francis is being judgmental?

It seems to me that @Francis was making an observation based on the above posts, that pointed out that the person Rosie is speaking with did not respond to what was posted in response to what he posted and even ignored what she had to say.

You sure seem to be telling a lot of people on this topic that they are being judgmental and uncharitable.

No offense but seeing that the guy that is being discussed is not even here and isn’t being offended by any observations that @Francis has made I’m not real sure how this can be judgmental or psychic?

Could you please define what you would call a person who constantly tells you that you are wrong, has no desire to hear why you believe what you believe, doesn’t care what you believe on a particular subject and when you try to explain something to them they ignore what you say and change to a different subject, that they will once again accuse you of being wrong about?

God Bless


I can ask you the same question.


Intercessors do a better job because they are usually more agreeable to God than ordinary people.


I would ignore a person like that. I wouldn’t call them anything.


Maybe you’re right. I’ll delete it if I can.


Depends what u consider young I’ve considered myself an adult since I was around 10-11 years old I’m 19 now XD


This thread blew up into a debate some how :thinking:


Tbh I find no problem with what Francis said and I found his/her answers to be very very helpful and insightful


OSAS isn’t in the Bible, altar calls aren’t in the Bible, church buildings aren’t in the Bible, Wednesday night prayer meetings aren’t in the Bible, accepting Jesus in your heart as your “personal Lord and saviour”, isn’t in the Bible, salvation by faith alone isn’t in the Bible, my surname isn’t in the Bible. Lots of things aren’t in the Bible. Just some thoughts.


What’s osas


Once Saved Always Saved.


It stands for “once saved, always saved”, it’s a common belief amongst some non-denominational Protestants and quite a few Baptists.


Also Romans 11:22
Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off .

Sounds clear to me. Therefore the idea of Once Saved Always Saved is clearly not scriptural, it’s one of the many fabrications that are found in the Protestant world.


Awesome. I’ve never heard this comparison before. I like it. Thanks.


Did you mean to send this to me?


Not really just expanding the point on OSAS.


We Protestants are often in error because we look at Catholic practices in a vacuum. We look at “Praying to Mary” and think, “Catholics worship Mary”. They “fabricated” that from some eastern “mystic” heresy that found its way into the faith. If more Protestants would take the time to listen to Catholics and actually read the CCC, they would come to understand such prayer was in keeping with intercessory prayer, among other things, which of course is Biblical.

Similarly - and at the risk of thread hijacking - I wanted to clarify one concept. “OSAS” (the doctrine is typically referred to as "Perseverance of the Saints) doesn’t exist in a vacuum for Reformed Protestants. Theologically speaking, OSAS exists together and in tension with our views on God’s sovereignty (among many other theological concepts - which we would argue are in the Bible).

For example - Catholics and Reformed Protestants share many theological views on the concept of predestination: …“even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world…” If He chose us in him before the foundation of the world, doesn’t it follow that those chosen will “persevere” in their faith?

In any case, I’m sure we, like those for 600 years before, can and will agree to disagree on many matters of theological import. Perhaps though, before we accuse each other of “fabrication”, we should ask each other questions and listen to each other - like good neighbors, no? I know I can do a much better job this myself.


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