Protestant saying purgatory is a made up place so the church can steal money


This is what he said to me

Ask your catholic friend this if the blood of Jesus purifies us of all sin like scripture say why do the Catholic Church teach you gotta go to purgatory for purificationIs the bible wrong does the blood of Jesus not purify you of all sin Purgatory is a made up place they made it up to get money off the people in church it is not found in scripture

Did the pope say he was equal to god

Tell your friend to use punctuation.


start by reading here:

Then, if you have any further questions, please let us know.

God Bless


Additionally, try using Google every once and awhile


Ask him about the rapture. Now there’s something not found in scripture. :grinning:


Tell him/her that Sola Scripture isn’t found in scripture.


His interpretation of Scripture is not found in Scripture.


Sorry maybe I should use google more often but the answers on here are so much more clear and easier for me to understand they make me think “oyh how come I didn’t think of that” but when I’m reading from google I get so confused I left school when I was 10 or 11 I don’t really understand the meaning of most big words that well x


Tell him to read the fathers of the Church.


A very ineffective way to get money.
How exactly does your friend claim it works?


I love reading the church fathers Eusebius is one of my favourites


You can do things like pray (in a certain manner) the Rosary and you get an indulgence. (But you also have to receive Communion, go to confession, and pray for the Pope’s intentions in order for it to be plenary.) It doesn’t have to cost money.


There are a lot of tracts on Catholic Answers (outside of the forums) that will answer questions as well when you use the search feature. They’ll go into much better detail that anyone answering your question can do on the forums. Having said that, don’t be shy about asking questions if you don’t understand.


Honey, WHY are you still engaging this person in conversation? You started several threads about this guy badgering you. Get away from him. If he’s someone you know in person, don’t speak with him about religion or better yet, avoid him completely. If it’s someone online, quit going to that site or responding to him. Shake the dust from your sandals and move on!


This is simply an extension of the “once saved, always saved” crap these people believe. You make an altar call, wave you hands in the air, and then you can go and sin and sin and sin and Jesus’ blood has washed away all your sins. You don’t have to take responsibility for anything. It is odd that they believe this in light of what Jesus said about Hell. Purification has always been considered valid in Christian thought. It is just in the last 100 years of fundamentalist hogwash that this idea of “no questions asked salvation” is the rule.


He’d quote 1 Thessalonians 4:17 back at you.


Except that verse starts out “after that”, and I was under the impression that the Protestant rapture was explicitly before Christ coming down, and the dead rising.


OP, are you having an actual discussion with this guy or is he just throwing a bunch of claims against the wall, hoping that at least a few stick?


And I’d link him to this. :innocent:


Yes I am he keeps texting me and commenting on my stuff he won’t go away and is making me look like an idiot all of my family always say I’m knowledgeable for my age when it comes to my faith and every Protestant so far I’ve managed to win debates and my family backing me up saying well said Rosie or you tell em Rosie but this person comes along and is leaving me stuck for words and making me out to look like and idiot but the annoying thing he’s doing is he isn’t answering anything or acknowledging any of my evidence but keeps changing the subject to something new every second

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