Protestant Seminaries and Universities

What contact, if any, do you have with your former classmates or professors? How did they react to your conversion to Catholicism?

I went to a fundamentalist college, but I don’t have much contact with anyone from those days, mostly just because it’s been so long since college days and everyone lives far away. I keep in touch with a few people on Facebook, and they can see that I’m Catholic if they look at my profile and see the things that I “like” and post, but no one has really commented so far.

Did you go to one of the colleges mentioned above? What were your experiences with former classmates, etc.?

I was talking with a couple Baptist friends this weekend who attend Dallas Theological Seminary. We had a brief discussion on the canon which began with one of them saying that the Council of Trent was shady because it “added the Apocrypha to the Bible”. I explained to him that the DC had always been there and was canonized at the same time as the rest of the Bible in the late fourth century. He was also surprised to find out that we hold the deuterocanon as divinely inspired. He said one of his professors said that Catholics view them as just beneficial spiritual reading.

Does anyone know how widely these ideas are taught in Protestant seminaries? They seem like pretty elementary blunders to a Catholic such as myself, but perhaps someone can shed more light on the issue for me.

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I am far from an expert in Protestant seminaries, but it seems that pretty much all Protestants I meet hold very grave misconceptions about the Catholic faith.

I don’t think it unlikely that these ideas are widespread.

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