Protestant Services other than Sunday?

Hello all,

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me of a Protestant denomination that regularly offers services more often than Sundays. I know my Presbyterian church offered Wednesday services during Lent (and may also do so during Advent), but that’s no longer the case and I suppose that’s one of my key struggles right now. I WANT to worship more than once a week. I’d LOVE to have the opportunity to worship every day, but I just don’t know of any denominations that are set up for this. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

While I hope that someone will come along and offer you guidance on Protestant services, I just thought I’d check that you know you can come and worship at daily Catholic services without receiving Communion, without becoming Catholic.

Yes, I sure did, and thanks for checking! I actually attended mass Monday and intend to do the same this Friday (and wanted to today, but ran out of time :frowning: ) This is probably one of my big reasons for considering Catholicism. I want to worship more, I want to spend more time among my brothers and sisters in Christ, and while most Protestant churches have lots of opportunties for fellowship, there’s not necessarily as much opportunity for worship. I know myself well enough to know, though, that I wouldn’t likely feel “right” about attending mass regularly as a Protestant without officially joining the Catholic faith.

I think Baptists often have Wednesday evening services, from what I gathered from the ones I’ve known.

The Protestant churches I attended all had some sort of Wednesday evening service, either a prayer meeting or Bible study. If we want to have an ecumenical service of any kind, it’s never scheduled on a Wednesday because so many churches have a regular service then.

The church that I used to attend years ago had a healing service every Wednesday morning.

As someone else pointed out, you can go to Catholic church and not receive Communion. That is what I have been doing with my RC husband for about two months now (on Sundays and Holy Days of Oblgation - we missed one -Holy Thursday).

Just to set your mind at ease, Holy Thursday is not a Holy Day of Obligation (though it’s a great day to go to Mass!). :slight_smile:

I don’t have much experience in this area either, but it does seem to me that Wednesday evenings are popular in various Protestant congregations. Though that is often a Bible study, which is not quite the same thing as worship. Many Catholic parishes have Bible studies, too, but that is separate from Mass.

The last time I attended an episcopal church we had wednesday morning healing service along with Holy Conmunion also.
I have a friend who is Baptist and they always go to church Wednesday nught and twice on Sunday.
My daughter-in-law goes to a non-denominational church and they have Saturday evening service plus the Sunday morning services.

I will be sure to tell my RC husband. Right now, I am looking into converting to RC, and am trying to live “as if.” Minus Communion and Confession, naturally. We weren’t married in the Church, so we are looking to get that rectified, too.

I read somewhere, maybe these forums, that priests may be willing to hear confession even if you’re not Catholic. This may mainly be in grave circumstances though. Have you asked about it? I mean, if you want to go. I would like to go but haven’t asked my parish priest yet.

My RC husband hasn’t registered with the parish yet. Also, we have an upcoming appointment with the priest, someone since we have some questions that we need answered. We have done some research, so we know what the answers will probably be, but we also need to talk to see in what order we should do things, etc.

Lutheran parishes typically have Wednesday Lenten and Advent services, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and some will do Easter Vigil, Christmas Eve, and sometimes Christmas Day. Larger parishes will often have weekly Saturday evening, but daily Divine Service is rather rare.


As a suggestion, you could also go to a Catholic parish that has a perpetual adoration chapel.

That is an excellent idea.

Awesome. :thumbsup: I will say a prayer for you and your husband as you continue on the journey.

Thank you. :smiley:

Traditionally, most Protestant churches in the U.S. offered services on Wednesday. Maybe this is more of a Southern thing. In the South it’s still pretty common–that much I know.

Anglicans (i.e., Episcopalians as well as the more conservative split-off groups) often have weekday worship. The more Anglo-Catholic congregations, especially the larger ones, often have daily Mass just as Catholics do. Most congregations have either Eucharist or Morning/Evening Prayer on at least one day other than Sunday. Many larger congregations have some kind of service nearly every day. It varies widely, but you can easily search online for nearby Episcopal or conservative Anglican congregations.

Episcopalians offer communion to all baptized Christians. Most of the conservative Anglicans do as well, although some of the stricter Anglo-Catholic “Continuing” groups will only give communion to a person who has been confirmed by a bishop in apostolic succession (as they recognize it).


Anglican churches are supposed to have Morning Prayer (Mattins) and Evening Prayer (Evensong) seven days per week. Communion is permitted but not mandatory on a daily basis.


Actual provision of the services tends to depend upon the size of the church and its congregation: cathedrals generally provide all, whereas smaller, local churches may not.

Since you’re in the US, you could use TEC’s church-finding tool, and then check the individual parishes’ websites.

I think it’s more a southern thing than a Protestant thing. Growing up in the upper midwest, none of the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, or Episcopal churches had a Wednesday evening service. Now that I live in the south, the Lutheran and most of the Methodist churches do. And the many flavors of Baptist, the non-denominational, Assemblies of God, Pentecostal, Church of Christ… I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

This is one thing that feels sort of odd for me - more than once I’ve tried to get together with a non-Catholic friend, only to remember that they have church on Wednesday night. :slight_smile:

One of the things I love about the Catholic church, though, is that we have Mass every day. My parish also has a perpetual adoration chapel. happy sigh

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