Protestant sex abuse figures released; Three big insurers say they get at least 260 reports a year involving minors.


This is something rarely reported about. The media would normally have us think that these crimes are the purview of only the Catholic priesthood.


Why don’t you clean up your own backyard instead of looking at how bad your neighbor look.


Actually the OP intend is to show that sex scandals is **not limited **to the Catholic Church. It has always been a major problem in this society. It does **not discriminate **what religion you are.

The cause of these abuses are of course the consequence of original sin.

It is a human issue not a Catholic issue alone.


closing your eyes to ANY abuse is a sin. this is something everyone needs to be aware of to protect our children–it isn’t a matter of competing for which religion is worse! The media is biased against some groups, that is just a fact. But that does not lessen the danger! Jehovah’s Witnesses have over 43,000 case files of alleged sexual abuse that they never investigated or reported or will investigate or report. people need to know this.



It is not just the Catholic Church, anyone who commits the atrocities should be held accountable.

It is a fact that most male on male pedophilia is committed by person with a homosexual basis.

You cannot deny that the Catholic Church hide this and allowed it to continue. It is a matter of public record that the Church hide priest actions, transferred them between churches, and or just ignored the actions. The Church was wrong in their actions and the denial of what happened.


Rarely reported? A church worker of any kind found molesting gets in the paper from what I have observed, no matter what the group.


No Catholic here is denying the scandal. Second, since the Catholic Church has members who are sinners, there will always be scandal.

Scandal was even present in Jesus time. He had an Apostle who betrayed him, another denied him three times, and before Saul’s conversion persecuted the Church. It surprised the Pharisees that Saul converted and became Paul.

The only thing we can do is pray which I find is lacking in this age. There is also time for healing for those who were victimized.

Second, I wonder why you have so much hatred towards the Catholic Church. I can see it in your posts.


ok, and I suppose that in the same period of time that this was happening in the Catholic Church that it was not happening in any Protestant Church? that is ridiculous. The reason it was not scandalized in the Protestant churches is because the religion of the offender was not generally reported–unless it happened to be a Catholic priest. But that is all beside the point.
the point is now the Catholic Church IS dealing with it. It may not have done it right in the past and that may have led to unconscionable consequences, but it is handling it now. What more do you want? What more can be done? Yes it was terrible it happened, but to condemn the Church when they are finally stopping it -is wrong. If it is now a matter of public record how can that be ‘hidden’? What is hidden is the religions we don’t hear about yet–because like was said, this is a HUMAN problem not just a Catholic problem.
And you are wrong about pedophilia being a homosexual problem! Pedophilia is about having sex with CHILDREN because they are not yet gender-typed by sexual maturity–it is a matter of power and control! What you are talking about is called hebephilia. You speak out of ignorance and manifest an irrational spirit based on emotional response, and you certainly show bias and hatred of fellow Christians who happen to be Catholic. If you really cared about the children at risk you would want to know all about whoever is preying on the victims regardless of religious affiliation.


You are smart and you made very good points.


43,000 UNreported cases for Jehovah’s Witnesses. did you miss that?
if even 1% of those are for real it is too much!


Well that’s not ture in my area…

At the same time there was a Catholic Priest and a Lutheran Pastor both accused of abuse. The only one that made news was the Catholic Priest.

The only reason I know about the Lutheran Pastor is because it happen at my Granparents church.

My Grandfather was the one to point out to me how the press has an unfair basis towards the Catholic Church when it comes to reporting things like this…

My Grandfather told me he would of have liked to see actual press coverage regarding the pastor from his own church…

The only one he could read about in the news was regarding the Catholic Priest; The only one he was watching on the evening local news was the Catholic Priest.

No one reported on the Lutheran Pastor…


You have no know idea of how many times I have had to deal with these sick people in my 25 years in law enforcement. I know these people very well.
I do not speak out of ignorance but out of personal experience.


Here is a little book to debunk your theory

Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia

A. S. Guimarães

tiabkHomoLg.jpg - 53741 Bytes

Format: Paperback, 316 pp.
Publication Date: 2004
Price: $18

How is it possible that the Vatican remains silent regarding homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic clergy? In the United States it is common to link the impunity of these priests to the cover-up of the Bishops. But why were such Bishops in turn not punished or at least strongly censured? Why are many homosexual and pedophile priests being chosen to be become Bishops? Certainly, with such attitudes the Vatican promotes these vices. What is the explanation?

In this book Guimarães offers two reasons:

First, Vatican Council II introduced a new morals in the Catholic Church. This new morality is meant to adapt itself to modern psychological theories that presume sexual desires should not be repressed.

Second, homosexuality and pedophilia infiltrated such high positions in the Catholic Hierarchy that for the present-day Vatican to punish the guilty parties would be tantamount to gravely damaging itself.

These are causes many Catholic suspect, but only few have the courage to express. This book constitutes a noble denunciation made for the love of the Catholic Church, and turned toward Our Lord asking Him to heal her.

The work is also a valuable resource tool, presenting Catholic teaching on homosexuality with quotes from Scriptures, Popes, Saints and Canon Law.


since my experience is in the medical field and my husband’s is also in law enforcement like yours, then I guess we just have a difference of educated opinions then don’t we?

homosexuality is the attraction of like gendered ADULTS. hebephilia is the attraction of USUALLY like gendered persons where one is adult and the other is pubescent. Pedophilia is the attraction between an adult and a child–either party of any gender. It is not impossible for homosexuals to also be pedophiles, but it is not an automatic by any means. There are millions of homosexuals who are just as disgusted as you are at child abusers. And frankly, as a published author myself, I fail to see how another author’s opinion (sic “theory”) is any more valid than my own. I do not agree with you or the author.

The main concern should be, as I am sure it is for you after you calm yourself and forget about the hate for a minute, the children. So what can we DO about this? The Catholic Church has now put into place some rules. Will they prove to be good enough? How can we stop this from spreading in the ‘secret’ places it still thrives in other religions?



I don’t have a backyard.


I understand what you are saying and there is a difference in opinion in the professional community. I not saying that if you are a homosexual you are a pedophile, or that homosexually causes pedophilia. Pedophilia is it own problem and is separate from homosexuality.
If you look at the Priest problem and look at the records, you will see a debate going on. Was it due to homosexuality desire that caused the problem or were the priest true pedophiles, or a combination of both? This was my point.
The book I posted give a good explanation on this debate.


What is even more upsetting that this exists at all. :mad: There is a man that was in the paper lately accused of molesting quite a number of well-to-do children…private school et al in the next city to mine. His court case was held in Toronto. He only got house arrest. meanwhile his house has no front windows at all but the back yard is ful of windows which abbutts on to a lake where school children do the regate thing. Perfect view for his fantasies. It is also a well-to-do area.

No media at the court or outside of the court. If this was a Catholic priest, you can be sure it would be all over the paper as we do have one priest who has been defrocked. BUT there has been so many other teachers, etc accused of such a sickness from different schools around here but mainly Catholic ones. What to say? Probably just as many men from public schools but they are not reported!

The media is anti-Catholic for sure.


Here is another side of the coin…My brother is a Catholic Priest. When it comes up in conversation in a mixed group just about always someone has to make the comment that he must be a pedophile. It gets really old.


I am just so sad to hear this. May God bless your brother and all priests and may they find their support in God and those who love them!:frowning:


I saw this article in the paper this morning, too. Further down, the reporters mentioned (briefly!) that this isn’t even all of the Protestant churches in the U.S., only most of the bigger ones, so this isn’t even a good estimate of how bad things are. Plus, a number of the really horrendous sex abuse incidents recently have been in small, non-denominational churches with no oversight outside themselves, so, sadly, the numbers are probably much worse.

I think the nicest comment I heard on the subject was from a Southern Baptist friend who commented, “Yeah, but it’s not just Catholics, so don’t feel like you’re alone in this. The media never talks about the rehab congregation for the SBC.” The what? “It’s a church where they send all of the embezzlers, adulterers, alcoholics, etc. to try to help them straighten out before reassigning them to a new congregation.”

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