Protestant souls

I just had an idea and have started putting it into action.

Protestants (most) do not pray for the dead. They do not believe in Purgatory. Many of their relatives’ souls will be burning in Purgatory with no one to pray for them. I have started to specifically pray for the souls of Protestants in Purgatory.

Bless you, and thank you.


That is very kind of you. One of my Catholic cousins continues to have Masses offered for our Grandmother and I really appreciate that. I pray for her and my other deceased relatives when I receive the Eucharist knowing that through this feast we are united in Christ.

Wait so Lutherans DO believe in Purgatory?

An excellent intention. There have been multiple visions granted to saints that noted many Protestants are in Purgatory for a long time as they have no one to pray for them.

Very kind of you McCartney.

I’m interested in what Protestant posters think about this given they don’t believe in purgatory.


Well, they are free to post their opinions. However, this is not about the Protestant posters but their dead relatives.

Good point McCartney,
this is not a thread about the doctrine of purgatory.

Thanks to the OP for starting a thread noting a need for prayer for Protestants in purgatory.


It’s sad to think about how many souls, both Catholic and Protestant, are trapped much longer in Purgatory than need be simply because no is willing to remember them and offer them the aid they so need. Funeral Masses that degenerate into “celebrations of life” do little to inspire Catholics to pray for the deceased. Protestants, of course, are worse off by far, with most of their relatives and friends not even believing they need any help in principal.

What you are doing is a great idea. :thumbsup:

Pax Christi.

This is a great idea! :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the gravity of the sins of the deceased determine how long they spend in Purgatory, and, of course, ultimately G-d’s mercy and justice? IOW even if no one prays for Protestants, why would many of them necessarily spend a long time in Purgatory?

BTW, Jews believe in a version of Purgatory, which lasts no more than one year. And they, like Catholics, pray for the deceased.

I’m okay with it.

Go ahead and pray for all the Protestant souls, even though I don’t believe in Purgatory.

If I am wrong and purgatory actually exists, then you are doing a great good, and I would want someone to pray for me when I get there.

If I am right and purgatory doesn’t exist, then the prayers won’t mean much anyways except to increase the charity of the person praying them, even in error.

I am not sure about purgatory but as a Lutheran, I do pray for the dead. As Stilldreamn points out, we beleive at holy Communion that all the faithful and not so faithful souls are united with us in Christ holy Presence.

As a Protestant, I’m just happy that I now have a soul!


Just curious. How is this different than people getting worked up about Mormons baptizing non-Mormons after their deaths (or whatever that practice is that they do)?

I seem to remember some Catholics getting pretty worked up about that.

I think it’s a wonderful gesture…just as I thought it was a wonderful gesture for one of my LDS friends asked if he could be baptized for my dead parents…I said “Sure you can, if this gives you comfort and if you believe you are doing a good thing, by all means.”

I would say the same thing to a Catholic who wanted to pray for my dead parents so their time in purgatory would be lessened…I don’t believe it has any effect on their souls, they are in the Presence, but for those who do not hold my beliefs, by all means exercise yours.:slight_smile:

I just praise the Lord that he paid for all their sins on the cross and that they went stright home to sit on the right hand of the Lord in heaven. No side trips.

Not in particular an intermediate state/place, but we certainly recognize the cleansing that takes place prior to entry to Heaven. Nevertheless, our confessions clearly allow for prayers for the dead.


Can people get prayed out of purgatory? Is that how purgatory works?

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