Protestant survey How many beleive the Catholic Chruch is not Christian?


Im jsut curious of how many of you out there dont think Catholics are Christian

please elaberate on why you believe what you do.


I’m a Catholic, but I think it would be a matter of logic that you cannot be a true Protestant and at the same time think the Catholic Church is Christian.

It’s not a true syllogism, but the argument would look like this:

  1. Catholics claim that what appears to be a wafer is really the divine presence of the Lord.
  2. Catholics worship this wafer.
  3. The wafer is not really God.

Therefore, Catholics do not really worship God - they are idolaters. They may do good works and have a quasi-faith filled with good intentions and morals, but they are still idolaters to be pitied and obstructed.

Thank God that Jesus truly is present in the Eucharist - body, blood, soul and divinity! Hopefully for them, they hope their logic is wrong and are open for conversion.


Jesus was born, sacrificed, and resurrected. Before dying, he handed the keys to the church to Peter. This began a lineage from Peter to Pope Benedict XVI. Apostolic. Why would the Catholic Church not be Christian?


I am a protestant Christian (member of Mennonite Brethren church). I certainly believe that true Catholics are Christians. I also believe that many are only “cultural” Catholics and are not truly Christians. However, before anyone gets upset at that, I also believe that just as many protestant Christians are in the same group. They say they are Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran… but what they really mean is that their parents were that religion, told them, therefore, that they were that religion and that is as much as they know.

One thing that annoys me is when I hear Catholics say, “I am not a Christian, I am a Catholic!” When I hear that I know that I am speaking to a Catholic who was not catechized properly by their church and family. Anyone who believes in the Trinitarian gospel, believes in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, and believes that His sacrifice is what has saved them from their own inate sinfulness, is, in my books, a Christian. I don’t care what other title you put with it.


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