Protestant Ten Commandments in a Catholic School

My economics teacher at my Catholic High School has in his room on display the protestant version of the Ten Commandments. He is not Catholic, should I say something, if so, how? He likes to talk about God in class and even uses Bible references when teaching, which I think is awesome. He doesn’t say anything against Church teaching, but it was brought to my concern. What do you all think?

In the final analysis, it’s a man-imposed numbering system; what’s “Protestant” are the divisions and the numbers, not the Commandments themselves. They’re not numbered in Scripture. He sounds like an awesome teacher. I’d explain to my child the reason for the numbering difference, then leave it alone.

It’s not even “Protestant”. It’s Greek, and is about as ancient as the Augustinian numbering Catholics AND LUTHERANS use.

Dude. Let me say…in MY Catholic High school…your teacher would be much appreciated. Inmy school, its lucky to here a reference to God outside theology class. So you should deffinetly appreciate his strong Christianity. Only say something if he directly contradicts catholic teaching, and if he does, then by all means correct him.


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