Protestant THreat


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There are two similar threads going right now, so, i was curious about something.

Considering the current popularity of prosperity gospel to some degree. Also considering the growing negative impact it is having on denominations that do not aspire to this theology (ie, forced to change how people worship in an attempt to compete)

What sort of threat to protestantism do you guys see this as being
1 being no real threat, and
5 being end of protestant Christianity as we know it.

I do want to say one thing… Hopefully, no one on either side of the Tiber should see this message as Christian. But a very twisted version that is only Christian in name and has more in common with New Age Motivational Speakers than True Christian teachers

Also, this is a threat to Catholicism in a way as well…

In Christ


It’s not all that new, I’d say it won’t do much more then it already has. I don’t think it’s anymore of a “threat” than other cults floating around.


For the most part, the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ (usually known among adherents by synonyms such as the “Word of Faith” movement is stagnating and often declining in it’s influence. Of course, dollar figures and attendance at certain events keeps setting startling records, but the movement largely has climaxed. It has been widely exposed among Evangelicals to be an aberrant and ofttimes heretical movement, and even the majority of non-Evangelicals know and understand that there is something not quite “right” about the message. Of course, religious fads often have spurts, swerves, and spirals in their trajectories, growing for a time as new ‘superstars’ enter the stage, and then declining again as some of the rhinestones lose their shimmer and the glitter begins to fall away. No real threat to Christianity, either Protestant or Roman Catholic, IMHO.


It’s more of a threat to the sort of Protestantism that uses such ideas in an effort to draw people in. It’s unsatisfying in the long run, which is true of all such hyperbole, such as the “name it and claim it” phase that was all the rage a few years ago. Or the “generational healing” thing. People discovered it didn’t work, so it has largely died out. And the same will happen with the “prosperity gospel.” It too will have its day and then fade away. All these things that merely tickle the ears don’t last–not even within the side of Protestantism that lives more on enthusiasm than on faith.


Threat?? what kind of threat?? I don’t understand?? I never heard of any sermon that say God only wanted us to be poor in his name??


This sounds more like the wishful thinking of trad/conserv Catholics to me. :rolleyes:


I think the “Word of Faith” theology has had a huge impact on Protestantism, but in a watered-down form. Of course the health and weath stuff has a big appeal, but very few people really practice WOF, or if they do, they don’t stay in very long because it doesn’t work. But the idea that God is this big fuzzy guy that gives out goodies is popular, and of course the psychobabble sermons that teach self-esteem and not redemption have infected eccesial communities everywhere!

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