Protestant to convert to Catholic for marriage

Hi ,
I am a Protestant christian from India currently living in the US.My fiance is a Roman catholic and we would like to get married in a Catholic church in India. Could someone please help me with the procedures that we need to get married in a Catholic church.I have no problems at all converting to Catholicism neither do my parents . I had followed both faiths since childhood having done my schooling in a Catholic institution.Would it be a long time process to go through the procedures of conversion since we both really dont have much time before the wedding once I get back to India.

I think the best way is for you to contact the nearest parish or your fiancee’s parish and talk to the parish priest.

He could help you best.

The normative way is through RCIA, which runs from about September to Easter. But the parish priest could make exceptions too, if you are already well knowledgeable and are really ready to become catholic…only he can make that determination.

Hope this helps.

Thak you!

Also you should know that it is not required that you convert for marriage if you are not ready or do not believe. There is a little more paper work on the priest’s part and an extra question or two for you and your future spouse, but it is a standard procedure in the US (though I don’t know about India). The wedding would be in a Catholic church and be the Catholic marriage ceremony without the liturgy of the Eucharist.

But in any case, just talk to your priest and see what he says.

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