Protestant version of exorcism? Green demon? (A crazy story)


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First, I would like to ask is there are any differences between the Catholic’s version of exorcism, and the Protestants. I have heard some Protestants have been trained in a “special” kind of exorcism.

Also, I am very curious about a story that I heard many years ago…I was told this at age 15 by a friend, and I just recently got back in touch with her (we are both 30) , and I happened to ask her about it, and the story remains the same. Back when she was about 11, there was a teen at her church that came in one day “terrified.” He was being haunted by a little green “man” that was hissing and growling, and chasing him about the house…so some people who worked at the church, went over to his house, and “casted” the spirit out by prayer…

Now, I know this sounds crazy, and I am very skeptical, and of course it may have been that the boy was hallucinating, or on drugs (and I do not mean that as a insult, but as a observation.) But, supposedly the people from the church saw it as well.

Somebody that I was talking too, says that if the story is true, the creature was not a demon, as demons do not behave that way. (Chasing people about.) I guess you could just say that I am very curious about this story, and if anybody has ever heard anything like this?

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I doubt the story is true, but you never know.

I have experienced myself, as well as heard from people who swear by it, the supernatural. My friends grandparents used to be properly trained exorcists for the Catholic Church, and I have had huge discussions with their daughter (my friends mum).

I will not go into detail of each story I know of, but they include, talking animals, floating “beings” and objects, real spells, spiritual and psychic powers, and invisible spirits which can literally grab hold of things and attack people (I have seen this).

I would not be surprised if this little green man story was actually true.

The Catholic Church does have a different way than Protestants at exercising these “demons” although I am unsure what the exact differences are. I’d stick with the original and properly trained Catholic way. I know ex-Satanists who are now catholic, and their entire “black” mass is the same type of set out as the Catholic Church but opposite (this includes conducting unmentionable things to the consecrated host, as well as sexually immoral acts and sacrifice.) I urge you to keep away from anyone who does this kind of thing, including, mind readers, tarot card readers, Ouija boards, witchcraft.

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Solemn exorcisms in the Catholic Church can only be performed by a priest designated by his Bishop, and are performed according to the Rite of Exorcism in the Roman Ritual. (There is a new book out on Catholic exorcisms featuring an exorcist in California, btw. It’s called The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio.)

Protestants who do exorcisms are generally using what exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth refers to as “prayers of deliverance.” Catholics can say prayers of deliverance as well, but need to follow the rules set forth in this CDF document, On the Current Norms Governing Exorcisms.

About the green demon - that is a strange story, but it wouldn’t be the first time a demon appeared as a “little man.” St. Anthony of the Desert had something like that appear to him.

As far as how demons behave (chasing people, etc), their behavior varies. They’ve been known to shove people, scratch them, and all sorts of things far more bizarre than that, so I don’t think chasing someone is impossible.

Did the teen stop seeing this thing after the group went to pray to cast it out? If so, that indicates to me that it was a demon. If this were psychological or drug induced, he would continue to see it.



What do you mean by “properly trained exorcists for the Catholic Church?” Only priests can be exorcists. Lay people can be part of a deliverance ministry, but I think using the term “exorcist” for lay people involved in deliverance work creates confusion.


Thank you so much for your answers and thoughts! I do not think the boy in question ever saw it again. I pm’d you Spanky. :slight_smile:


Man, that would freak me out!!


Even though I grew up in the Protestant church, I’m not really familiar with any form of exorcism performed by protestants. As far as I’m aware, due to the Protestant belief that all Christians are inherently of the “priesthood” (defined a little differently than in catholicism, clearly), any devout Christian may pray to God to cast out a demon or call upon the Lord’s name in commanding a demon to leave. I guess I’m more familiar with this than I initially was thinking as I’ve actually done this on occasion when I felt an evil spirit in my vicinity. I called upon God for protection and commanded, in Jesus’ name, that the demon leave, and so the demon left.

I also have actually been subject to an “exorcism” once in my life. During a VBS class when I was a little girl, my teacher proclaimed I was possessed by a demon and attempted to exorcise the demon. As far as I’m aware, there was no demon.


Yes sorry your right, they did visit a lot of exorcisms though, and were heavily involved from what she told me. Sorry about that.


I think there is something valid about spirits and the color green. When I was a kid, 10 years old, I saw a ghost, an old man dressed in a green suit that appeared out of thin air and vanished through the wall. About 12 years ago, during my college years, I went to sleep late one night when I had a feeling of someone sitting on my chest smothering me. I couldn't wake up and I tried really hard, when I finally did wake, I saw a face of a man, in what I can describe as the "Scream" mask, and it was a glowing green. It slowly disappeared into the darkness with my eyes fixed on it in shock. I turned on the light quickly and looked at the clock and it was 3:20 AM. I have good reason to believe that this entity started to attack me at 3 AM, and isn't that the devil's hour? Also last year, my coworker, who is the supervisor of a printing press crew told me that one of his night shift workers saw a "little green man" one night. I said, "Oh come on, really?" Then he tells me that that this worker insists that he really saw the green man. So with all this, I do believe your church friend really was "haunted" by an evil green spirit. God bless.


I didn’t know anything about the “green man” or the other episodes where green appeared to be a factor in demonic or ghostly appearances.

But I have had my fair share of demonic harassment from time to time.

Early in my Christian years I went to a couple of Protestants who were supposed to have an exorcism ministry. I went as I was copping a bit of harassment, and being new to this unexpected game at the time, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. When I became a Christian, I didn’t give much thought to the spiritual world overall. So when things started gripping my throat and sitting on my chest in the middle of the night, it was a sideshow I hadn’t even considered till then.

As it turned out, nothing happened, but they did tell me a few things about the exorcisms they have done. People levitating was one occurrence they both commented on.

As far as I could work out, their methods were not entirely dissimilar to what I would assume was the Catholic method - one is asked to confess known sins, there is the use of certain Scripture passages to assert God’s authority over the spiritual realm and specifically the devil, prayer and an attempt to drive out any possible demonic spirits in the name of Jesus Christ, should they make their presence known.

The differences would be that they wouldn’t use holy water, holy oil, nor would they be likely to call on Mary, the Mother of God, which one Catholic exorcist claimed was very important.


Personally, I do not think Protestants can perform exorcisms. I believe exorcisms can only be performed by Catholic priests, specifically those trained in exorcism.


Isn’t it in the Gospels that one day the Apostles approached Our Lord complaining that one ‘not of their number’ was casting out demons in His name and they rebuked him? And Our Lord told them that if they weren’t against them then they were for them and they shouldn’t have rebuked this person? I might be wrong on the details but that was the gist of it. So I think its possible for these things to be true which you describe.

Exorcism is a rite and ministry which ordinarily belongs to priests in the Catholic Church, however it is not a Sacrament. Moreover, anyone may pray deliverance prayers.

We are well advised to be cautious in our curiosity on these matters (demons, hauntings, etc).



The Roman Catholic Church does acknowledge the common priesthood that all baptized Christians belong to.

1546 Christ, high priest and unique mediator, has made of the Church "a kingdom, priests for his God and Father."20 The whole community of believers is, as such, priestly. The faithful exercise their baptismal priesthood through their participation, each according to his own vocation, in Christ’s mission as priest, prophet, and king. Through the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation the faithful are "consecrated to be . . . a holy priesthood."21

Taken from “The Truth About the Devil” from the Notes of Rev. Dominic Syzmanski:

“The Truth About the Devil” was published as a series of articles in Immaculata from May through December, 1973. It was written by the late Fr. Dominic Syzmanski (d. 1951), the founder of Marytown, the national shrine of St. Padre Maximillion Kolbe. Fr. Dominic was assisted journalistically by Fr. Jerome Palmer, O.S.B., then editor of the Grail, St. Meinrad, Ind., and presently Director of the Secular Oblates of St. Benedict in the USA, Fr. Dominic was pastor of St. Anthony Church, Rockford, Ill. At the time and had for years been active as an exorcist. He would admit to friends that he had the gift of detecting Satan’s presence, which he saw as a small blue light.

  The manuscript for “The Truth about the Devil” was found recently in a trunk containing Father Dominic’s personal effects that had been stored away after his death. In view of the outbreak of Satanism and of public interest in exorcism, its importance could never be greater.

 Exorcism is a command to the demon, given in the name of God to depart from a person, place or thing.  

The formula of exorcism as given in the Roman Ritual is not reserved. It can be used by anyone, even by a lay person. There is no prohibition forbidding its use and the Church did not reserve those beautiful prayers, exclusively to the Sacred Ministers.
Exorcism may be solemn or simple; public or private. The exorcism is solemn if it is performed to expel the demon himself; simple if it is performed to curb the influence of the demon.

The Exorcism is public if it is performed by an ordained minister who acts as an Exorcist in the name and by the authority of the Church, in virtue of the powers received in Sacred Ordination. This power over possessed persons cannot be publicly used without special and express permission of the Ordinary. This prohibition is clearly defined in Canon 1151

No. 1: “No one endowed with the power of exorcising is allowed to pronounce an exorcism over a possessed person unless he has obtained special and express permission to do so from the Ordinary.”

Hence, permission is required for solemn public exorcisms over possessed persons. No permission is needed for solemn public exorcisms over homes, field, animals, to places and in all private and simple exorcisms.
The Ordinary to grant this permissions is the Ordinary in whose diocese the exorcisms are performed or the Ordinary of the Priest. If the priest is an exempt religious his major superior may grant the permission.

The Exorcist having obtained the required permission exercises his power received in Sacred Ordination and he acts in the name and authority of the Church, therefore, he must use only the prescribed formula in the Roman Ritual excluding all private formulas, regardless of how pious they may be. The formula prescribed by the Church is self-sufficient, capable of expelling all spirits of darkness, hence private prayers should not be used by the exorcist during the exorcisms.

Exorcism is private, if it is performed not in the name and authority of the Church, but in the name of the expelling person. If some good holy layman would undertake to exclude the devil from a possessed person, he would be performing a solemn private exorcism for which no permission is necessary from the Ordinary. The Church restricts the public use of the power of her Ordained Exorcists, not private persons. What is permitted to a lay person cannot be denied to a priest. When the priest acts as a private person, he should not use the exorcism stole.
Although public exorcisms performed by the authority of the Church are more effective, nevertheless the demon may also be expelled from possessed persons by private exorcisms. Christ has promised not only to His Apostles but to all who will believe in His Name, that they will cast out the devils. “These signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover.” Mark XVI, 17-18.


I believe that Roman Catholic exorcists are the only authorized exorcists to perform the rite of exorcism, however that being said, I also believe that some Protestants can also perform it in certain cases. Before I reverted back to Catholicism, I listened to a lot of talks from the late Dr. Walter Martin. He specialized in the cults and occult. He claimed to have been involved in honest to goodness demonic possessions. Cases which involved super human strength, multiple voices, secret knowledge, levitation, and poltergeist activity. That sounds like possession to me not just infestation or obsession in which deliverance prayers are invoked. Now I don't agree in everything he says in the theology department since he was a Southern Baptist and a Protestant apologist, but interestingly he did attend Catholic school for a time in his youth. Anyway he believes in using crucifixes and the Ritual Romanum as valid for exorcism. He does not believe in Holy Water though, but he seemed to contradict himself because at another talk, he says that blessed water works. Anyway I still find his talks concerning the occult interesting even today. Has anyone else heard of these talks from Dr. Martin? If so, what are your thoughts?


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