Protestant wanting to become Catholic


I am a Protestant and have been for over 20 years, but I am learning about the Catholic Church and will start my studies with the local parish soon. However, my family is anti-Catholic (wife and kids) and that is creating major stress. Any advice?


Hi, t68ware,

is it possible to talk some things over with them?


My family is not anti-Catholic, but there are certain sensitive issues. Because I was Methodist, there is little moral theological difference, but the sacramental differences and so forth are quite dramatic.

We’ve had a few discussions, mostly you’ll get Mary, Saints, and Sacraments. Understand those three and you’ll able to answer most questions.

Historically, the Church is rich and has “shadows,” it is very old and has been brought up with the cultures of the times and various… magesterial revelations throughout time.

The culture is not the same as it was 500 years ago.


As begin your studies to become Catholic, focus very hard on the objections you know your family will have…no doubt you will have to defend them and you will feel much stronger and confident in your faith as you progress. You may also answer their objections, and by your faith and witness lead them to the one true Church. God Bless you on your journey!


Keep reading the main CA page to get your apologetics down. You want to KNOW where in the bible to show them why we do things. Practice your responses. Get comfortable with sharing the faith. Read a lot, and pray a lot, especially before the Blessed Sacrament.
I know how hard it is, I’m a convert myself. Ground yourself in knowledge, and stay close to Jesus through prayer. The one thing I kept coming back to with my family was, “This is where God is leading me, and I have to follow Him. How can I deny what God is calling me to?” Good luck, and we’ll pray for you! :slight_smile: :crossrc:


I think you are in good company! Here is another’s story here on CAF
NewSeeker is an inspiration to me.

My suggestion to him was to read “Rome, Sweet Home” by Scott and Kimberly Hahn… Through that story you can understand the perspectives that others have about your journey and I believe it can help you relate to them better through this difficult time. And it will be difficult, but you can see that for many on these forums, the trip was SO worth it! Lot’s of support here.

Weknow it will be difficult, but the Truth always is. May the Lord’s Peace be with you!


I second Tekafrog and Newbetx

Perhaps you can also listen/read Scott Hahn’s conversion story here:

Here’s the transcript:

Here you’ve got also othere great great mp3s from him!

If I can give you an advice, give these mp3 (or burn them as a cd) to them to listen to and say them you want to know what is their opinion on what they’ve just heard!!!

Many highly educated Protestants had their minds changed (at least disturbed) after Scott Hahn’s talks! God speaks through him and reveals how beautiful the Catholic Church is. Use it!!! :wink:

PS: And yeah, be sure, you listen to all of them! :slight_smile:


I have found with my family that most of their issues with Catholicism come from terminology. It’s possible to explain things in a “Protestant-friendly” way, like prayer to saints is really like asking someone to pray for you, etc.


I was in that boat. I was brought up Nazarene. I’m 23 now. I did alot of soul searching and praying and researching and then more praying and I decided the Catholic Church was where God wanted me to be. My family was far from supportive. That just made me pray even more for God to give me the strength to deal with this. My family didn’t even come to the Easter service. Your family will eventually see a change in you. My family has. They still make jokes but in my heart I know I did the right thing and I pray that they will come to understand. My advice is to PRAY! and then pray some more. God will not give you something you can’t handle. I got the Rosary on CD as a gift. It helped so much to just listen to the words. I’ll keep you in my prayers!!


Ask the wife and kids to at least be “neutral” while you continue your faith journey and follow God’s calling for you.

Not sure why they are “anti”, but politely ask them to be civil if not supportive of this step in your faith journey.

Pray as much as possible for their hearts and your strength. We will pray for your successful steps on your path.


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