Protestantism Produces Anarchy, And Not Authentic Christian Unity in Our Lord

We must look at who God is. Jesus is the King, who is ruler of a Kingdom. The King has authority over His Kingdom, and has established a hierarchical structure with authority to rule and teach to the group of subjects in His Earthly Kingdom. The King didn’t have to, but did establish a Prime Minister (foreshadowed in the OT) in His earthly Kingdom, and desires that all His people be one in His teachings, each believing the same teachings as the truth. This is an ordered Kingdom. The Kingdom has a Queen, for whom a place had been reserved and protected. The King has rules and proclamations and ways to bestow grace and bind His people to Him. We must know without error what these proclamations teach. We must know as much as we can about the authentic truth of our Lord, Jesus the King of Heaven and Earth.

Jesus established an authority on earth before ascending to His throne in Heaven, and this was recorded in the NT Scriptures written years afterward. This authority was bestowed first on His Apostles, of which he also established one as Head Apostle, a Prime Minister to whom he alone was given the keys of authority for God’s earthly Kingdom, which would be ruled as it is ruled in Heaven. Jesus said that the Authority (Magisterium) would be guided to all truth. Jesus also said this Church He built would never be prevailed over by the gates of Hell. His Bride, the Church was created as He hung on the holy cross, and then with the Holy Spirit began to carry out its worldwide mission beginning on Pentecost Sunday, where Peter’s preaching brought 3,000 into the Church, Jesus’ earthly Kingdom that day. The Church Baptized, confirmed, performed marriages, forgave the sins of men, performed remembrance of Jesus’ Body and Blood in what appears to be bread and wine, anointed the sick, and ordained other Bishops and helpers to continue this mission as the Church spread to fulfill the great commission given by Christ.

Approximately 1,500 years after God’s Church was created, the foundations of Protestantism were laid which include rejection of the idea of pope, rejection of the sacramental priesthood in general, rejection of five of the seven Sacraments, acceptance of Bible alone as complete and sufficient rule of faith, belief in Salvation by one’s faith alone, etc. Applying these foundational principles leads to each man and his Bible being considered as a completely sufficient faith system. No actual outside authority is present to guide the believer to all truth, settle doctrinal questions and differences, and make sure what they’re believing is accurate as Christ intended. Protestants disagree with each other at every turn of the page of the Bible, and who is there to reconcile them into God’s truth… no one is. Beliefs taught within Protestant faiths can vary not just by local custom, but in serious matters of doctrine, so as to deny each other and be irreconcilable. These fractured groups teach different and conflicting things about our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, based on their own personal interpretations of the Bible. With Protestantism, there is a fragmentation of the body of believers which continues like a ripple in a pond. This is the basis for anarchy and not a basis for unity.

So in the Protestant ecclesial communities, we see no authentic link to the Apostolic authority established by Christ, and so these have no final authority on matters, and do not resemble a kingdom, but rather are unassociated adhocracies where individuals and groups compete with each other, each teaching some truth but some falsehood about the King Jesus. These individuals all reading the King’s proclamations for themselves and deciding what they want to believe about them leads to moral relativity of each having their own “truth,” and there is chaos among believers. Since they reject the office of Prime Minister of King Jesus, they have no office of final authority in matters regarding the King. A terrible casualty in this is a weak relationship with our Lord, and lack of authentic truth about Him. This can’t be underestimated. There is also a weak or nonexistent relationship with the mother Jesus gave to the Disciple He loves (which includes all of His faithful), His mother the Queen Mother at His right hand in Heaven. This is not done by disobedience to the model of Protestantism, but by deliberate adherence to the model of Protestantism. We say rightly that Protestantism is the pillar and foundation of anarchy. Protestantism is a method by which men create and adhere to their own doctrines, as long as they can claim that it is related somehow to their interpretations of the Bible. They have no assurance of being correct, and therefore have no assurance of actually following God. Why? It’s simply because these separated and separate ecclesial communities were started primarily on men’s pride, and not by God. God would never and in fact did not give us a Church that cannot provide assurance of His truths, and cannot provide unity as He asked. Individually, Protestants will vehemently disagree with me, but collectively they clearly and overwhelmingly illustrate this point about Protestantism’s anarchy and lack of unity in teachings, which are in grave opposition to that which Christ asked of us.

One needs only to look honestly and truthfully at the Catholic Church, which built by Christ, has faithfully been His Earthly Kingdom for almost 2,000 years now, ruled by the King and protected by the Holy Spirit. The order and unity of God’s Kingdom is found in His one Catholic Church, which teaches consistent truth about Christ, ministers the Covenant made by Christ, and serves the earthly Kingdom so we can be united with the King in His Heavenly Kingdom. The Catholic Church and only the Catholic Church is in the model of the Kingdom that Christ established and is able to provide truth and unity for the people who seek the God.

There is no doubt that the only contribution the so called "reformation: made to Christianity is mass confusion.

Wow. I think it’s incredibly un-Christian, and not in the interests of Christian unity, to post on the forum that was created for non-Catholic forum members with the express intent to attack, antogonize and otherwise provoke. If Jesus could hang out with prostitutes and tax collectors, I think we - especially as Catholics! - should be able to live in peace with our non-Catholic brothers and sisters. Get over it.

More anti-Protestant rhetoric, courtesy of CAF.

Anarchy is a pretty harsh word to use for our brethren in Christ.
It reminds me of the hated phrase used to describe the Jews : Christ-killers.

Neither deserves the term.

Just as catholics do not deserve the sometimes awful things said of them- like cookie god or cannibalism

This must be the “Let’s attack all non-Catholics” Forum. It seems that you are wasting a lot of time and words on stuff that will not change anyone’s mind and will certainly not win over any converts.

To “EstesBob” who said:

There is no doubt that the only contribution the so called “reformation” made to Christianity is mass confusion.

That is clearly not the case. What was the cause of the Reformation? Mostly the abuses in the Church, particularly from the Vatican and the Popes of the time. Indulgences sold to poor Catholics to reduce the time they or their loved ones spent in Purgatory, with most of the money going to build a grander edifice in Rome was the big one. So in truth you should say that the “Catholic Church produced the anarchy” that led to the Reformation and disunity.

Those who were the leaders of the Reformation in most cases were trying to reform the church, not start a new one. Martin Luther, a Priest and Canon of the Church, for one. Were they wrong? That answer can be found in the changes made by the church following the rupture.

While Catholics claim that Protestants broke away from the “true church”, Protestants could just as easily say (and did at the time) that the Catholic Church had strayed far from its roots in the Gospel, and that they were trying to put it back on course. They would have a very solid argument, as history clearly shows.

Of course from the Orthodox point of view the Pope became the first Protestant when he went into schism against the church that Jesus Christ founded and then to make matters worse developed innovative doctrine not supported by the conciliar Church. The resulting schisms from Rome were only natural because of the sin of schism cause by Rome in rebellion from the catholic church.

At least…that is another perspective. So if you see Protestantism as anarchy you might wish to thank the Pope since he kind of started the ball rolling. That is as fair as what you note above and as accurate.

Protestants might argue that since scripture promises the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church…God caused the reformation to deal with the sin in the church and ensure the continuance of biblical Christianity. That would be another perspective.

I agree with many in here who find this line of discussion unproductive, redundant, and not very stimulating intellectually. The same crowd that calls the great reformer “Martin Loser” and the Reformation the “Deformation” seem to sing the same old songs. I am burned out on obsessive focusing on denomination and ecclesiology at the expense of the Gospel message and just plain loving Christ and living his Word.

Ditto. It’s nothing but pure troublemaking for the sake of dissent and that certainly isn’t the intent of Christianity OR the Catholic Church.

You are entitled to your opinion, of course, whether right or wrong. An honest interpretation of the intent of this thread was not given by you, however. That much I know is true, because I know the intent. I find your assessment off the mark, and therefore false. It is specifically because Protestantism is dangerous to follow, that I posted this. No one who loves Christ ought to be in the model of Protestantism. Christ didn’t build Protestantism for those whom He loves.

What is actually incredibly un-Christian is to distort God’s word, argue against His one Church, disrespect His mother, etc. Christ is the Truth. If the truth is antagonizing to one, then they’re on the wrong side of truth. Did you ever think to ask Him if He intended that there even be Protestantism, or whether Protestantism serves our separate brethren? The Truth has already answered that question. Seems like no one is really listening, including many who profess to be in His one Church.

We must be discerning to determine what it is and also what it is not. Protestantism itself opposes Christ in many areas. The post is about just this, the wrongness of Protestantism, not the wrongness of adherents to that faith system. It is akin to a warning to get out of an unstable house which is collapsing under its own weight, as those in it can be hurt. I do oppose false faith systems that distort the Word of God, which Protestantism has done, and continues to do. If Protestantism served those in it, and was a valid alternative, I would never have needed to write this kind of post. You may disagree with what is written, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. You’ll find out what I wrote is correct, and I hope it’s before you leave this world. I’d like to make it to Heaven, and see you there.

But, anarchy is sadly what Protestantism has brought about among it’s adherents, and that’s not deniable (although some will try). However, there’s another problem I see with your post… Do you mistakenly think that this calls Protestant individuals anarchists? The post never says that, and I don’t think they are anarchists.

In your attempt to right a perceived wrong, you have falsely accused me of something that was not done. Is that okay with you, as a good thing to do?

There were false messiahs, false queen of Heaven, false prophets… does that mean there is not a true Messiah, true Queen of Heaven, true prophets?

Why is it that exposing the truth of Protestantism is considered an attack by you? In reality, it’s a warning. It may be hard to see the truth, but it needs to be seen. There was nothing said in the OP that is not true. There are just many who do not know it’s true, and trust a system that not only enables, but teaches falsehood about our Lord. That is something that should not be honored as you and thousands of others do. I think this kind of system is harmful to you and all who adhere to it.

Protestants can claim anything they want, but their claim alone won’t make it true.

All historical evidence, the theological teachings, Apostolic Succession, points to the Catholic Church and only the Catholic Church is the Church Christ intended for all His faithful. There were indeed abuses by men in the Church, and that has always been the case, and will probably be there to one degree or another till the end of time. Christ even told us that. However, not one official teaching of the Church was affected at any point, before or after the Protestant revolt. What Martin Luther did was to make new doctrines that were never taught in the previous 1500 years, meaning they didn’t come from Christ. These doctrines were made of men and so men could easily follow them. These false doctrines provide a false view of Christ, in essence making your own version(s) of Christ.

But, perhaps the best witness is Christ Himself. The Catholic Church was established by Christ, Who told us that the gates of Hell would never prevail against the Church he built on the rock of Peter. Why don’t you trust Christ?

Why don’t you ask the Copts for their opinion on this?

I’ve gone through the OP’s assertions a couple of times, but I’m confounded if I can find an actual argument or honest question to Protestants among them. Perhaps my critical-reading skills aren’t what they used to be

Thankfully, a reconciliation with Orthodox seems very near. It would be wonderful to heal that unnecessary split, and have them home again.

That Orthodox position can’t be upheld, as it even violates Scriptures. Historically also, it can’t be maintained. I’ve had these discussions with my Orthodox brethren, and there are simply things they have no answer for, except what they would like it to be.

Your claim is ironic in that the Pope, the Prime Minister of God’s earthly Kingdom is the very symbol of unity Jesus established for all His earthly family. It is precisely in rejecting the Papacy that the Orthodox got into trouble, although they do have valid Apostolic Succession. Orthodox Churches cannot fulfill God’s mission for worldwide Church, as these are largely associated with a culture or country. It is also in rejecting the Papacy that the Protestants got into trouble, which is relatively greater trouble than the Orthodox.

Regarding the Protestant argument on the gates of Hell, it is dispelled with simple reason. If the Church Jesus established had fallen into heresy, then the gates of Hell would have already have prevailed. In this way, the Protestants do not believe the words of Christ in His promise.

Wow, you really don’t understand the purpose of this. Were any of those terms used by me? You might argue about the word “revolt,” which is accurate and descriptive of what happened. There is no name calling as you try to relate here. I do forgive you, though.

If my faith system was in error and teaching me falsely, I would not want to rely on you to help get me out of it.

God’s eighth commandment asks us not to bear false witness. You have born false witness here. I forgive you.

It would only be trouble-making for those who reject the truth, however, they are the ones who made that trouble for themselves and not me.

Neither is it for the sake of dissent, as it decries the dissent of God’s truth by a certain established faith system which misleads people, leading them away from authentically knowing Christ.

Unity in Christ is the intent of Christianity. Can you please educate us on how Protestantism is uniting God’s faithful. Also please include whether God intended Protestantism as His means to unite us together, or whether it is causing disintegration in the Body of Christ.

I don’t believe Protestantism produces anarchy. In fact the Catechism tells me that the Lord can use Protestant denominations as a means of salvation:

819 “Furthermore, many elements of sanctification and of truth” are found outside the visible confines of the Catholic Church: “the written Word of God; the life of grace; faith, hope, and charity, with the other interior gifts of the Holy Spirit, as well as visible elements.”** Christ’s Spirit uses these Churches and ecclesial communities as means of salvation**, whose power derives from the fullness of grace and truth that Christ has entrusted to the Catholic Church. All these blessings come from Christ and lead to him, and are in themselves calls to “Catholic unity.”

I also believe that there will be a lot of Protestants who would tell us that their faith was what led them to the Lord. This goes for Catholic converts outs of Protestantism as well. Of all the conversion stories that I have ever read from Protestantism, I have not read very many (any:confused:) talk negatively of their Protestant faith. More often than not, they credit their Protestant faith with instilling in them such things as trusting the Lord, seeking truth above everything else and a love of the Scriptures. All things which had made their conversion to Catholicism easier.

God bless you

Why don’t we ask Christ for His? He has already given it, though and people, decent people who may genuinely love Him to some degree or another are ignoring Him. It’s just man’s pride which causes these splits that were never intended.

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