I hope that this question doesn’t seem disrespectful. It’s just something that I was thinking about.

I know that all protestants are not the same, as all the people in any religion are not the same. However, I’ve noticed that protestant Christians that I know really don’t like to identify with being a member of a denomination or a protestant. They always insist that they are “just Christian”.

Has anyone any thoughts as to why this is so? Catholics and Orthodox Christians will describe what their denomination is. Wheras protestants seem to be irritated of the suggestion that different denominations do have different beliefs.

As I said, this isn’t meant to be offensive to anyone. I was just wondering what people think.

Best wishes, C.

Where I live live people are usually open and proud about the denomination they belong to.

I have noticed on this board people aren’t as open.

I wonder if the people you know who are “just christians” have a church they attend.

They may be like alot of Americans who say they are christian but do not practice any particular faith.:confused:

When I was growing up, denominationalism was the thing and all Christians defended their individual creeds (or the closest thing to it). It seems that the shift toward relativism started taking hold in the 80’s as a result of ecumenical efforts.

Most protestants now are pretty liberal in that it doesn’t matter what Christian church you go to - so long as it is not Catholic.

They are all Protestants (usually Anglicans) and are very committed to being a Christian. However, they seem to have no concept that there are differences between denominations.

One of the things a Catholic has to be aware of is that “denominations” only exist outside the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is not, as is often touted in secular circles, one of the “denominations” of Christianity. She is the Church.

Sadly, one of the things about the denominations is that their numbers tend to increase through fission. You mentioned Anglicans; there’s a lot more groups that claim to be “Anglican” since the late '70s, not a part of the “Anglican Communion”, but still claiming to be “Anglican”, and they are still dividing. I mention the Anglicans only because they were first mentioned. They are not unique.

This is a source of hardship for many baptized and believing Christians among our separated brethren, and we must be sensitive and gentle in responding to that situation.



May people who are Christian find that a denominational label bring baggage with it. That is why they just say that they are a Christians instead of saying that are, Baptist, Luthren and the so on. I wouls be careful is criticizing anyone just because they refer to themselves as only a Christian. By the way, there is no mention of denominations in the bible. Even Roman Cathic is no where mentioned. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the response. I did try to say in my first message that this wasn’t a criticism of anyone, it was just something that I was thinking about.

I have just observed that most protestants that I know do not seem to understand that there are big theological differences between different denominations.

Best wishes, C.

We know that there are differences and that is why we don’t like being grouped together with one title, Protestant.

Well… where I live 90% of people are Baptists and make SURE that you know it!
I attend a Congregational Methodist Church which I enjoy, we have a good relationship with all of the (literally) hundreds of Baptist Churches in the county, the only thing I have ever heard a Baptist speak ill of us for is the fact that we will baptise infants if requested and will baptise in any way the person requests (sprinkling, pouring or immersion) and the Baptists are against both.
Otherwise I think they believe us to be close enough to their belief system.

That’s because the Catholic Church were the one’s who recognized the canon of Scripture after it had been written. In your public profile you identify youself as a "Bible Christian’. The word “Bible” is not in the Bible. Actually, denominations were implicit in scripture. We had Jews, Gentiles, and many sects of Judaism who did not and still do not know Jesus as the Messiah. Christ said that He would bring division and unfortunately that happened… God bless :slight_smile:

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