Protestants, a new twist on Mother Mary and the rosary

I know protestants don’t understand why we pray the rosary. Or for anyone who does not understand why, let me help explain. Then let me know what you think.

I won’t go through every single prayer of the rosary but here is an idea of how and why.

We have mysteries.

We will start with the joyful mysteries.

First we say the Our Father, then ten Hail Mary’s. But there is a method to our madness:D

The first joyful mystery is the Annunciation, Which is Mary saying yes to God.
Now through these ten Hail Mary’s and one Our Father we think of how we are called to surrender our heart to God and do his will. You keep thinking of that.

Next the Visitation, When she visits her cousin Elizabeth. It humility. Can you imagine the Mother or GOD serving her cousin, We think how we need to help others. humble oneself.

Next is the Birth of Jesus. The son of GOD, born in a stable. It teaches us to detach oneself from material things in this world.

Next the Presentation, when Mary submits here child to the Law of Moses. It teaches us to be obedient to the laws. We must obey them today also.

Next Finding Jesus in the temple. Jesus in the temple, It teaches us knowledge does not come from just a book, it is a true Gift from God, Remember the teachers were teaching Jesus, next thing you see HE a CHILD was teaching them.

That’s pretty much it few more prayers and it over. But your mind is really concentrating on these things.

Will show another mystery later.

There are 4.

You rotate days.

But what you do is put yourself there, and try to live it out all day. So far, what do you think?

Will show more later.

I heard that the Annunciation was associated with humility, the Visitation with Charity.

The mysteries are basically a summary of the lives of Jesus and Mary.

It begins with the Apostle’s Creed, a statement, reminder, and summary of our faith.

Mary was (and is) great and we love her! And I think that we get that Catholics have their reasons for loving Mary second to God based on the first couple chapters of Luke and some “Mother of Jesus” passages in John. But I still am not, nor do I think I could be convinced to pray the rosary.

Actually, many do understand.:wink:

Yes and I found another one online I just love.
It is the 7 Day Bible Rosary and it goes way deeper
into the Mysteries to where there are eight Mysteries.
It has an entire Rosary dedicated JUST to the Last
Supper and another Rosary JUST for the Parables.
What’s neat is all eight mysteries have bible verse for
every single bead.

They may understand but they sure make a big deal out of it, plus say we do vain repetition

Not all make a big deal of it.
Not all refer to vain repetition…
Wink, wink…

To be fair, I think it would be totally okay if you only asked once. :wink:

Um I Know you said wink, wink, but hearing the stories of converts the majority, we cant say all of them, but they have said that the rosary made them uncomfortable and their main concern was the repetition.

What do you mean?

That’s great to know!

For me it would be a non-issue anyway. My mind tends to wander (a lot). And I have trouble concentrating

I cant even tap my head and rub my belly at the same time… Much less give the prayer the contemplation it deserves.

Is it true that after confession a Priest may ask you to say amount of hail Mary’s for penance?

Every time we call Mary, “Blessed”, we are fulfilling scripture, doing what the Bible said we should be doing.

I can never, ever, not once, remember a single Protestant on this forum or anywhere else that I’ve come into contact with refer to Mary as “Blessed”, not even to fulfill scripture. Generally, it’s been quite the opposite. If they hear of anyone calling her “Blessed” or in any way honoring her, they criticize that person, try to get him to stop.

The Protestants I’ve known have always said they just simply ignore her, and they advise everyone else to do the same.

What does this have to do with what I’m asking?

Besides, we all do believe Mary is blessed. Also, the peacemakers, those who weep, the ones who are cursed, etc.

But yes, Mary will forever be known as blessed, because she was.

Says you.

Speaking of repetition, maybe to us, once would be enough.

Let’s look at the Bible with regards to repetition.

The Bible repeats, constantly. In Psalm 136, the phrase “His steadfast love endures forever” is repeated…26 times! Now, I know you say with one time, it’s enough, but the Bible has examples where it seems to show otherwise.

In Matthew, 26:39-44, Jesus prays the same prayer, 3 times in succession.

Revelations 4:8, the Heavenly creatures sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy” 24/7, day in, day out, non-stop throughout eternity.

Consider that what may be acceptable for you may not be acceptable for God.

The Bible also talks of persistance, and how it can be a good thing.

Recall the widow that, because of persistance, gets her way. This is help up as an example for us to use in prayer and another example of the friend who, due to his persistance, gets another friend out of bed to tend to his needs.

That’s all I meant.

For many, this seems to be true.

I can give my reasons for saying the rosary to my non-Catholic friends until I am blue in the face. Some people just refuse to take people at their words :rolleyes: and they make up what they “think” is going on even after being told what the pray-er is doing. At some point I don’t care what others think as I am still going to pray the rosary. I am not worshipping Mary and I am not putting Mary ahead of God but all the words to explain will fall on deaf ears (for some) .

I have stopped trying to explain over and over to a single person as they are choosing to ignore words of explanation and continue to assume they know what I am praying. I offer my next rosary for that person in hopes that some clarity will come their way. In the end prayer is good.

I think your explanation is a good one. It would help someone understand…unless they don’t want to.


You can also pray the scriputral rosary over at Rosary Arrmy if you like the Bible verse for each bead. I have the audio files of these too and often pray along while I’m walking - the scripture helps me keeped focused on the mystery.

They are linked on the sidebar at
Each mystery is on a different page, with the scripture verses listed, and you can download the audio files there, too.

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