Protestants and advent

I know an American Baptist woman who says they celebrate Advent. My mother for years before turning Pentecostal was a Baptist and she never heard of Advent. Do the different (Ana)Baptists teach different things?

This link may help:

I was raised in a Southern Baptist dominated area and I am very familiar with their practices. Unless they have changed drastically S Baptists start celebrating Christmas the Sunday after Thanksgiving and continue until the Sunday before Christmas. They do not observe Advent, and as a rule they don’t worship on Christmas day unless it happens to fall on a Sunday or Wednesday.

American Baptists aren’t quite the same thing as Southern Baptists. See American Baptist Churches USA.

And anyway, Southern Baptist practice is itself diverse. While I’m sure Advent is not the most popular observance among Southern Baptists, I’m also sure it is done among some SBC churches. Here are some links I’ve pulled from the web that are evidence that there are Baptist churches who do it and encourage it.

“Celebrating the Waiting: Why Advent Still Matters” (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

“Advent: Celebrating the Coming of Christ” (Lifeway Christian Resources, an SBC entity)

“What is Advent?” (First Baptist Church ~ Goldthwaite, Texas)

“Advent Season” (Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church)

“Southern Baptists and Advent: Four things to know” (The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC)

Advent Resources (Cooperative Baptist Fellowship)

I was speaking of the Southern Baptist because the along with the Independent Fundamental Baptists I have any personal knowlege of. Honestly in the area American Baptists are snubbed as a ‘yankee church’ and just don’t exist. Exactly like the United Church of Christ thatmight have 3 small congregations in the whole state.

Friday night in the nearest city the First Baptist church had their 'Permian Basin Christmas celebration. They must assume that every human being in the Permian Basin must be, has to be Baptist. They actually sold tickets! And one of the atractions was a trapeze act brought in from Los Vegas.

It will be a cold day in a hot place before I pay money for tickets to watch a circus act in a Baptist church.

Idk about the Baptists, but we Evangelical Catholics follow the same liturgical calendar as the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches. So, Advent is a big deal here, as it reminds us of Christ’s coming. :smiley:

we in the Episcopal Church celebrate the 4 Sundays of Advent-light one candle in the wreath at each weekly service-same as RC

:thumbsup: yeppers and even have Advent Lesson and Carols as well.

I grew up in the United Methodist Church, where Advent was observed pretty much the same way as in the Catholic Church. Purple was the main liturgical color, though you saw some blue as well. Often the three regular candles of the Advent wreath were blue. Also there was less, or possibly no, consciousness of the eschatological meaning of Advent. It was all about Christmas. In fact, in the center of the Advent wreath was a white candle that was lit, together with the four true Advent candles, at the Christmas evening service. This reinforced the idea of the wreath, and of Advent itself, as a countdown to Christmas.

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