Protestants and Birth Control


Does anyone know some good non-catholic/protestant sources that are against birth control. I know there a lot of good Catholic sources, but they are not always the most conviencing when talking to others who discount them for being catholic. :frowning: Any suggestions would be appriciated.


Good question! The only one who I am aware of who is asking the right questions, at least, is Amy Laura Hall. I found an interview at , but I have not had a chance to read this entire piece as yet. From what I did read, though, it sounds pretty good; she’s sharp. Her articles in Christianity Today have also been very good.


Quiverfull is a non-Catholic Christian website that takes a stand for large families–and against birth control-- based on Biblical principles. Their website offers lots of articles and books on the topic.

Also, this article is written by a Catholic, but it he quotes from major Protestant reformers (Luther, Calvin etc.)


Somewhere I came across a magazine article which I cna’t put my hands on right now, which had something like 5 to 7 Protestant theologians and religious writers concerning a re-thinking of their positions on birth control. Sorry I do not have it at hand. The article was written several years ago.

I believe this topic came up in another thread in this forum; perhaps you can do a search herein.


The book The Bible And Birth Control by Charles Provan (a Protestant) is excellent.


Another good source to look into is “Life Giving Love” by Kimberly Hahn. She is a convert to Catholicism, but the reason I recommend her book is because she came to see the evil of birth control and contraception while still a Protestant, and she notates why in her book.


Army of God (not Catholic) did a great job compiling Margaret Sanger’s thoughts and beliefs as she formed Planned Parenthood. Caution… the website contains graphic photos of abortion. .

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