Protestants and CAF "Groups"

Hi all.

For the last five years or so, CAF has had a “Groups” feature, but I’ve noticed very little involvement by protestants (or Eastern Orthodox for that matter). I’m curious why that is, if anyone would care to share … or, alternatively, am I wrong about that?

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Peter Jericho.

I never found a group that was very active, in which I had an interest.


Hmmm… for me, I wouldn’t participate in a group on a Catholic board, as I would think they were meant largely for fellowship revolving around Catholic teachings, interests, etc… I don’t know. Honestly I’ve seen the groups but it never crossed my mind to join one.

I joined a couple of groups. but they are so hard to access and keep up with I lost interest quickly.

But I am not Protestant.

Can’t anyone who wants to start a group do so, Catholic or Protestant?

Hi again. I did read the posts he last Friday, but then I guess I rather forgot about this thread.

That’s a good question. I’ve always assumed so, but the groups I can think of were pretty much started by Catholics … you know, Let’s Empty Purgatory and whatnot.

There was a redesign of the site that took away a sidebar on the Forums page showing new groups which I think used to be how groups got more members and interest. I miss that. There is a Forum Jump - if you scroll way down you can find the Groups main page that way. Or just click on the sidebar on the right to go to any group there, and then at the top you can find the Social Groups link to see the whole list of them.

I’ve always enjoyed the groups but they’ve slowed down a lot in the past 2-3 years. It could be they’re harder to know about and get involved with due to the site redesign. It could be the influence of Facebook or who knows what.

When the groups were in their heyday, as I think of it, there were lots of really specific ones being started and they would gain members fairly quickly and have good participation. But the general talk ones and a few of the prayer ones have usually been the largest and most active. They probably have more of a mixture of religions in their memberships since they’re more generalized.

I’m in some of those but the topical interest ones are my favorite, usually. And some of them are more Catholic in tone (“Catholics Who _____”, etc.), though no one will mind a non-Catholic joining in as long as they are okay with the group talking about Catholicism and don’t try to attack the Catholic Faith, which rarely happens in my experience.

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