Protestants and Catholics- Eucharist interpretation

Hello everyone,
In Rev 5:6 the Lamb standing as though slain is discussed.
John saw a lamb standing in heaven. This is a reminder of the daily lamb sacrafices (a tamid offering). This is the daily offering that Jews would give- 6am the Lamb would be standing, 9am sacraficed, 12pm standing, and 3pm sacraficied. (Jewish people also prayed three times a day at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm which reflects the sacrafices of the Tamid offering)
This passage also coorelates with Genesis 22 , Exodus 12, and John 1:29 “behold the Lamb of God”.
John sees the tamid offering, which is provided- Jesus! Therefore Rev 5:6 is discussing the lamd sacrafices- and that God would provide the lamb, which is Jesus.

The tamid offering can be thought of today as our perpetual adoration (of Jesus in the Eucharist).

I know many Protestants believe the Body and Blood is just a symbol. But when you look at Rev 5:6, and research the Jewish history on the Tamid Offering, read John 6. How can one not see that Jesus is meant to be truly present in the Eucharist…

Basically I wanted to hear feedback from Protestants and Catholics, because I do know Protestants view the book of Revelation differently then Catholics do as well.

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