Protestants and Church councils

How do you and/ or your denomination view eccumenical church councils? Did they speak infallibly? Were they necessary throughout the life of the Church prior to the advent of your denomination? If yes, are they still necessary now?

I know the Orthodox accept the first 7 councils and view them as infallible. How about Anglicans and others?

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Lutherans accept the first seven as well.

As do some Anglicans.

Some Anglicans are different.

The Augustana Catholic Church, a Lutheran Church seeking union with Rome and with valid holy orders from the Old Catholics accepts all 21 councils.


Those that formally accept the ecumenical councils (i.e. not non-denominationals, Baptists, etc.) only accept them because they reflect Scripture accurately, not because they’re infallible.
The only thing that are accepted are the Creeds produced by the Councils. Canon laws aren’t. Martin Luther was critical of some of the canon laws associated with them.

My Reformed church accepts the first seven ecumenical councils.

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Mine did too, but never talked about them.

Of the seven:
I would say more “authoritative “ than “infallible / inerrant”.
Very necessary throughout the life of the Church.
Absolutely necessary now.


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