Protestants and Communion


How do I explain to a protestant I know that they cannot receive Communion at a Roman Catholic Mass?

They think it is just the same as the bread that they eat in their service.



We believe that the Eucharist are the Body,the Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ and thats why its the most sacred sacrament in a catholics life.
Becouse of this we do treat the Eucharist with great reveranse as it is in fact our Lord himself.
You can ask them how they wouldve treated it if they believed they had Our Lords body within their hands, would they have given it to others who dont possesses the same faith and believe that the most Sacred thing on earth are just bread and wine?
My quess is that they wouldnt either.

Also The Eucharist represent unity in the faith and the One true church and if they dont believe that its only one church established by Christ and that is the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church they really shouldnt betray their own faith (or disfaith if you like) and join in on our Holy Communion and give a false image of unity that doesnt exist yet.

I think this is 2 very good reasons you can give them:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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I would use this as an opportunity to explain to them what Catholics believe (and why) regarding the Eucharist. Make sure to explain that not even Catholics are allowed to receive communion before sacramental confession after committing mortal sin…that will lead to a discussion about the nature of sin and Christ giving the apostles the power to forgive sins. I would read Pope John Paul II’s encyclical “Ecclesia de Eucharistia”,


I have been where you find yourself now. After I explain the Catholic view of the Eucharist, I continue to explain that we view it so differently that I would reciprocate and not take communion in their church. I have found that protestants attending Mass have dropped their desire to receive once they realized that it goes both ways. In my instance, I believe they thought I could receive in my church and theirs. As soon as that point was clarified, that I wouldn’t receive in their church they were fine. I don’t know that my explanation would work in all circumstances, but I know it did help for me.


I’ve always found this from the USCCB explains it beautifully and succinctly:


It doesn’t matter what Catholics believe about communion. That is not the issue. The only thing a non Catholic needs to know it that communion is for Catholics only. Even if the non Catholic believes in transubstantiation he is still not welcome at communion because it is for members only. There is nothing negative about that, those are the rules. In addition, Catholics are expected to go to confession at appropriate times before receiving, and a non Catholic can’t do that either.


In addition, I’d stay away from using phrases like, “The Church teaches…” or, “We believe…” It sounds like there are lots of (equal) beliefs. Truth is truth.

Say the host IS the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. (because He said it is)

If they don’t believe it is, why would they go say ‘amen’ to something they don’t believe?

If they do believe it is, ask how they square that with the teaching of their own church.


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