Protestants and conspiracy theories on the vatican anti-christ etc

Yo fella’s, ladies and well animals. Supose a cat is looking over someone’s shoulder.

I would like to talk about all this hate we are getting from conspiracy theorists. That the Vatican is corrupt and evil or even devil-like.

The accusations are proving quite tiresome, and I am wondering do you just ignore such people or laugh at it? I find it very annoying dealing with evangelists…

Well just wanted to rant a bit I guess… Sorry for my rant!

I feel the same way. Its annoying

As they say here in America, “haters gonna hate…”
Ignore them (laughing at them is not very catholic).

How much of this is in Europe? You don’t find out about it unless you are on the internet, I would think.

I mean to say, how many in Europe hold American based conspiracy theories about the Vatican and the Catholic Church in general?

I come across them on other sites…and it is deeply troubling trying to reason with them…and they have other convictions as well. And I am no longer bothering even acknowledging these kinds of convictions as many times I have sensed the people holding them are out of norm to begin with.

If it makes you feel any better I see most of these “conspiracy theorist” types, who tend to be part of the KJV Only movement in my experience, also attack Billy Grahm types, the NIV translation of the bible, Mary, most mainline Protestant denominations, etc… with equal vigor that they go after the Vatican.

The Vatican is staffed by a mixed bunch and always has been, and the Pope doesn’t support every deed that is done there, no matter how some would like to pretend he does, and we have always been called to discern others by their fruits, and the servants of the Lord of the Harvest are one day going to sort out the wheat from the tares, and meantime we all have to live together.

Such people as you describe aren’t wrong if that’s what they are reminding us of. :slight_smile:

Hate is … well, people finish that sentence in various ways I guess. Whether its Protestants being anti-Catholic, Catholics being anti-Protestant, or whatever. Once you know that someone on the web is just posting hate, mostly you just want to sidestep them.

Think now Padre’s perspective close to what I have seen…English always very anti papists…alot of their baggage here in USA…it is a mostly English issue…

Many of such fundamentalists who attack the Catholic Church and the Vatican are also totally ignorant of the Eastern Church, and think it Emperor Constantine of Constantinople who founded the ‘Roman Church’.

I guess I don’t know nearly as much about the English as I thought I did. Thanks for the education.


English nationalists after the Reformation, were very effective in par with the KGB, for creating the spins we deal with in America this very day…the Church killed millions during the Inquisition, burned people at the stake, are not Christians, any way, all sorts of nefarious accusations.

BBC exonerated the Church on a documentary on the “Inquisition” and what really happened. The Church spent most of its time attempting to exonerate…and the overall Inquisition was in reaction to Spain being plundered and enduring dhimmitude for some time.

There were other spins…but seeing so much of this on other sites…moving on…don’t want to bother trying to explain our faith to those who want to hold on to such. Anyway, the veil was drawn and for me, it is the English speaking people who have the most issues in slandering the Church…and not that we are perfect. The Church has no perfection, only Christ is our righteousness.

Well that’s probably due in no small part to the US. I don’t know that I’d place the blame on the English themselves seeing as the Anglican Church family is the most Catholic of the Protestant churches. I mean we’ve probably got more Christian (and Christian related) denominations that have been created in the US than any other place on Earth. Really the main Protestant Reformation in Europe had nothing on the First, Second, and Third Great Awakening, the Holiness Movement, the Restoration Movement, the Pentecostal Movement, etc… for dividing up Christianity and in many cases into groups that were sometimes hostile toward both Catholicism and even mainline Protestant churches that came out of the Reformation.

In that context it’s not surprising the most ardent anti-Catholics tend to be English speaking.

(yes on the cat - on the keyboard - now off)

Agreed, very tiresome and annoying. I just try and remember it is always coming from a very misinformed place - don’t want to be uncharitable here - but let’s face it, intelligence, education, and/or charity don’t play a big role in these folks’ view of the Catholic Church or Christianity (theirs or ours) for that matter…pick your battles. Would you wrestle with a log across your path? Why, why not?

Second point, we all need an enemy, a devil. In literature, this is a called dynamic tension. Without a conflict, you don’t have a hero who triumphs. Realize that there is a NEED to hate the Catholic Church - to justify the existence of the “true” faith outside of it. If such a person were to make peace with us, what is the justification for being outside of the Church. (Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Synthesis) You go to Synthesis, game over.

My final point will be a bit controversial - but I personally feel that many Catholics return the favor - fuming about heresy in non-Catholic faiths, denying Christians outside of the Catholic Church any integrity or status as “brethren.” Equally nauseating and archaic, IMHO. Every time I get freaked out about an Evangelical sniping at Catholics, I think on this - and shut my mouth.

The Englishmen who did such were nationalists. Not so much the more devout and it is in England that many did not want to leave Catholicism either.

Alot of study in history for many of us…life long.

I watch anti-Catholic videos on YouTube just for the laughs. It is starting to become a hobby of mine.:smiley:

When people call the pope the antichrist, I begin to have odd visions of tinfoil hats.

I’ve never thought of present-day Protestants as my opponents. I’ve only ever seen what I have in common with them.

At one time there will have been a conflict, perhaps due to resentment at Catholics’ over-severe treatment of their dissent. (Church and state weren’t separated then anyway.)

Both the dissent and the later resentment will tend to have crystallised around issues of doctrine.

Some people are still fighting an old battle.

Whether there is a prophetic purpose in God letting them stay like that, we can’t see for the foreseeable.

This is a very vague thread… :shrug:

Who us? :angel1:

Yep, us English are a wicked lot. Corrupt and evil and even devil-like. Shocking crew. :slight_smile:

Same here. Have some life long Protestant friends.

I am referring to those who come on and post such on anything doing with the Catholic Church or the Pope…these have been mentioned on CAF and their backgrounds given, and it is impossible just about to have any dialogue…and most hurtful.

I grew up with anti Catholic prejudice. But moved on. May be getting older, but see the ‘stuff’…and it makes me mad.

Old news to those of us on this side of the pond, and to our French allies. You devils, you.

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