Protestants, and Reformers. Did your founder predict when the 2nd coming takes place .

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   I had posted a similiar question under traditional Catholicism. Having been mentally through the ringer after a brief relationship with Calvary Chapel.  I did a lot of reading up on Chuck Smith. I read somewhere online, ( probably wiki)  that at one time, Chuck Smith predicted when the 2nd coming was going to take place. 

If your protestant founder had predicted when the second coming would take place, and was wrong, would you still stay in your church? 

Or if you are a member of Calvary Chapel, and you can resource and find when Chuck Smith had predicted the 2nd coming. Does that discourage you from wanting to go there still?

That’s about the best way I could articulate this request hope it was clear enough.

Any church or church founder that suggests they know when the second comming is to happen is NOT a christian. If they were they would know Christ told the apostles that no one will know the day nor the time (even himself) but only his father in heaven. This I would think would be an even stronger belief among protestants as they are so “bible oriented” as a foundation of thier faith.

No. And I wouldn’t believe anyone who did, because they would be contradicting Jesus, who said even the Son didn’t know when, but only the Father.

Most Protestants have not or do not predict when Jesus would be coming back. Only those that were involved in the rapture/dispensationalism have made some attempts. The Bible is very clear about trying to predict dates so even most protestants follow that. Obviously, predicting when Jesus would come again and then having it not happen would be a sign of a false prophet and you should (as you are doing) stay away from them. There are a number of very good books out there about the second coming of Jesus from the Catholic perspective that you should read. “The Rapture Trap” and “Will Catholics be Left Behind” are both good books to renew your mind having come from Calvary.

In the case of Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith’s failed prediction. Then why are so many sola scripture christians still involved if he had falsley predicted this event. That church seems to be growing at expodential values. Calling all other non-sola scripture based churches dead or false compared to his. What would make his more sincere compared to, --> ( LDS, Catholic, Baptist, ect. ect. )
wouldn’t this alone, contridict the authenticity of his established church?
It seems like the pot calling the kettle black, if you ask me.

Christ (the founder of the Church Catholic) only said He would return, and made no statement as to when.


I think I’ll pass on defending Calvary Chapel. I’m Episcopalian. :egyptian:

Well, Anglicanism really did not have a singular founder, and its C16th genesis is quite distinct from its current form as the worldwide Anglican Communion, but we do not depend upon a singular leader now. The Archbishop of Canterbury is important, but he does not rule us.

Having said that, all of our priests do make mistakes, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do so.

I should note that Jesus said that the day is not knowable but the season is. He told us to watch signs to know when redemption is near.

I guess that’s right, and there are some signs it may be getting close. But nobody who’s predicted a specific date has ever been right, and I expect that will continue until the end.

First of all, don’t include LDS in a list of Christian denominations. Second, I would only be involved with a failed predictor if there was a public admission of guilt and asking for forgiveness. Third, no one in my denomination, that I know of, has predicted when Jesus would return. If my minister did that I would leave before the predicted date.:tsktsk:

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