Protestants and the practice of theological delusion

I have been debating a Protestant on Facebook for a while on the unity of the Church and how it is important for us as Christians to maintain a singular unity. He is now posting articles on Facebook arguing that sometimes it is okay for Christians to have contradictory doctrines and is using John Calvin to back him up.

It is my opinion that theological delusion is the most powerful weapon Satan has at his disposal today. When you have many different churches preaching many different things, it’s no wonder secularism is on the rise. How can atheists possibly believe the Word of God when Christians don’t even know what the Word of God means?

The Protestant Reformation can only be called Satan’s greatest victory. How best to combat Christ’s Church than to divide it?

I doubt if you two will heal the protestant and catholic church split. I just focus on what I have in common with other believers rather then our differences. Just a thought. :newidea:

Contradictory doctrines??? Oh dear!

Then he simply does not understand what a contradiction is.
In a true contradiction, one of the statements has to be wrong by definition.

A true contradiction takes the following form:

A equals B
A does not equal B

In that form, only one of the statements is true.

Therefore in a true contradiction, only one of the statements can be true.

So if there are two doctrines that truly contradict each other, only one can be true.

First of all, the Protestant reformation is not the “first Church split”. There is the split with the Coptic Orthodox Christians in the 400s and the Schism with the Orthodox in the 1000s. so to blame all Christian disunity on the Protestant reformation is very uniformed. I think you need to tone down your rhetoric. Calling other Christians delusional etc is rather inflammatory and does not draw them into the Catholic Church but puts up defenses and draws battle lines. If Christian unity is your big issue, then I think you need to step back and work with other Christians, not arguing, calling names and pinning all our problems on the reformation. People are not drawn to the Catholic Church by arguments. You also need to consider that while this is a Catholic forum, it is open to all and there are many non-Catholic on this site and this is open for anyone to read. You need to keep those things in mind the next time you want to call Protestants delusional.

Unity is a great topic of discussion and worth the effort (even when its frustrating). Last night, I was engaged in conversation by several protestant colleagues, of a fundamentalist influence, who proposed the same thing. I used an example of the Eucharist as Real Presence v/s symbolic with biblical consequence if either side was wrong as an example; but they just couldn’t get it. :shrug:. After a lengthy conversation and much time spinning my wheels, I decided to just walk away from it. Hopefully, I defended the faith well and seeds were planted. The rest is up to the HS.

Historical delusion is applicable in some cases as well.

Miraculous things occur now, even as we are divided. But, imagine the influence the Gospel would have on the world if Christians were united without divisions.

Fortunately, we know how it will all end.:thumbsup: Keep on, keepin’ on.

:blush: Very good point.

:o Words of frustration, but not charitable in the least. Apologies. Thank you for the good council.

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*]because protestantism is one of [FONT=Arial]The Great Heresies[/FONT] in history
*]And Paul taught that Titus 3:10 “As for a man who is factious ( αἱρετικὸν heretic ), after admonishing him once or twice, have nothing more to do with him, 11 knowing that such a person is perverted and sinful; he is self-condemned.”
*]And since division from the Catholic Church is condemned in scripture Romans 16:17-20 , Galatians 5:19-21 , the Greek word διχοστασίας [FONT=Arial]dichostasia = division / dissension / factions /sedition,[/FONT][FONT=Trebuchet MS]is used in both Rom 16:17…. And Gal 5:19-20. The consequences for one who dies in those sins in general and division in particular, they will not inherit heaven. [Gal 5:21] as in they go to hell. Note: there is no expiration date to those warnings. There is no discussion[/FONT]
*]Just in case that person wants to argue about “Catholic Church” show them [FONT=Arial]#[FONT=Arial]34[/FONT][/FONT]

[/LIST]If they continue to argue about this, take Paul’s advice. Pray for them but move on. People who choose error rather truth after a sufficient effort, are perverted and sinful, and self condemned.

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