Protestants are like Mormons and Moslims?


Are Protestants more like Mormons and Moslims than they/we think? One of the main Mormon and Moslim beliefs is Christianity fell into apostasy and needed to “return to the true religion”. I think their must be a few more beliefs that Protestants have in common with non-Christian cults. What are they? Protestants say Catholics have much in common with non-Christian cults are they correct?


Stop trolling. This is offensive to me personally and an insult to academic debate as a whole.






Yes. They are all false religions, therefore evil and from the one that was thrust out of heaven into the abyss at the begining of time. Luther, (the founder of protestantism) did the same thing that lucifer did in heaven. THEY BOTH REVOLTED! lucifer against God and Luther againts the pope and its clergy.:knight2:


… o…k?


:yawn: you have been so awesome in impressing me that I’ve fallen asleep. :sleep:




A similarity:

Some Muslims and some Mormons disallow artificial birth control just as Catholics do.

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