protestants beating catholics?

I hate it when I read articles like this:

I keep thinking the catholich church is superior in all ways but then you have protestant ministers like these who are doing all the converting! If it’s mortally sinful to take part in a protestant service, how come they have the holy spirit? All the protestants tend to be way more spiritual than your average Catholic, and that really annoys me.

any comments? the catholic church is the one true church I know, but seeing these protestants with such holy spirit worries me

Sorry, that story just doesn’t sound all that convincing. IF it happened, great, but to include a plug to send money. Isn’t that a bit crass ??? That smacks of your usual televangelists, show me the money speal. Sounds like typical self-serving, send me a buck rhetoric to me.

IF you want to read about real spiritual combat read about Catholic exorcists or the life of St. Padre Pio, and they won’t even ask you to send them a dime afterwards.

Protestants are Christians and, although they don’t have the fullness of the truth, they can have a tremendous amount of faith.

I think that there are many people who do not want actual truth but want to go to Church and feel good. Many of these people choose their church based on their feelings not on any doctrinal issue.

I have had Protestant friends whose believes change depending on who the pastor is at the time.:frowning: That has always struck me as odd.

I’ve read articles by Protestants criticizing their fellow Christians for putting emotions before the truth so, this trend is seen as a problem even among some Protestants.

Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale grew from 2 families, without a dime of seed money, to 17,000 parishoners in 20 years. Services began in Pastor Bob’s living room. Pastor Bob came from a very checkered past in Las Vegas prior to his being saved and feeling called to Ft. Lauderdale. The Church moved from his living room to borrowed space in a funeral home, etc. and today owns and occupies 60 acres in the middle of Ft. Lauderdale. There is no church “membership”.

An offering was never taken, but offering boxes reside by the exits. In 20 years Pastor Bob Coy never spoke of money or financial stewardship yet by the 20th year, depending solely on the Holy Spirit for fundraising, the Church budget had grown to 33 million dollars a year.

Christmas Eve services a couple of years ago were held in the Office Depot Center with about 24,000 in attendance with some having to view on video in the overflow “Busweiser Room”.

Community outreach is so extensive that Broward County named a “Calvary Chapel pastor Bob Coy Day” even in this secular - separate church from state - society that we have become. Calvary Chapel FTL has over 80 ministries.

Calvary Chapel began in California as an outreach to hippies in the 1960s by pastor Church Smith who was “called out” of pastorship in a major denominational church. There are hundreds of Calvary Chapels internationally. Just up in Melbourne Florida I believe there are about 12,000 that attend that Calvary Chapel.

The Holy Spirit is alive and well in this Church, perhaps in spite of futurist eschatology.

Things did change in regard to fundraising after the first 20 years as there was a desire to build a larger Church (present sanctuary in a building that was used for assembling computer boxes by a company that went broke). The fundraising went from spring into summer and raised over 100 million dollars.

I am simply reporting what is. I have mixed feelings regarding large churches because so many become so stuck with their doctrines. It is much easier for a small congregation, particularly groups that meet in homes, to follow the Holy Spirit lead when the Lord reveals that there may be issues with portions of the doctrine held.

Calvary Chapel also has a large Jewish ministry.

I’ve seen Bob Coy on TV a couple of times and he seemed like a good preacher until the day he had the “balls” to hold in his hands the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read from it and tell his parishioners that it was false. That was one time. Then maybe a week after that show he did it again.

The way i see it is, that is the only way protestants are “beating” Catholics. Never once have I heard a Catholic priest say anything bad about other faiths. Maybe Bob Coy should show some charity or does he feel he doesn’t have to.

I do find this surprising. I attended there regularly for a couple of years and don’t remember an occasion of his doing this. I do also know that many Catholics (from St. Joans) attend our Wednesday night services, so it is a little hard for me to imagine. Maybe you got him mixed up with someone else. It would seem to be to be considerably uncharacteristic for him to be even perceived of causing division in the body of Christ.

Trust me. I did not get Bob Coy mixed up with anyone else. His show comes on in Hawaii and my wife and I used to watch his show because he had a good message to it. I will not falsely accuse anyone of anything and I will not make things up. The show I saw was about the after life that we live and he picked up the CCC and read about Purgatory and said something about the books of 2 Maccabees and said that it was false. The other episode I really don’t remember but he did use the CCC.

I don’t doubt that he is an educated man, but did he really have to do what he did, to get his point accross? He should just worry about his church and what is going on there, instead of what is going on in the Catholic Church.

Oh please…pastor Bob’s living room???
Do you think Jesus wanted 30,000 denominations with contradictory beliefs?? NO. Remember they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This Bishop Javed Albert seems to be a fraud, and a puppet for the Pakistani government:

Self-appointed bishop claims he is heir to Joseph’s mission

Efforts by coworkers of the late Pakistani Bishop John Joseph to keep his mission alive are being complicated by a self-appointed evangelical bishop’s claim to be the heir to that mission.

Joseph, the late bishop of Faisalabad, was known for fighting for the rights of religious minorities and others in Pakistan. He took his own life May 6, 1998, after a Christian was sentenced to death for allegedly blaspheming Prophet Mohammed.

The movement for minority rights has lost direction since the activist bishop’s death, with many of his supporters seeing the generally small and low-key commemorations of the first anniversary of his death as a wake-up call.

Complicating the situation, however, is the prominent media attention being given Javed Albert, who supported Joseph but now claims to be bishop of all of Pakistan and the heir to Joseph’s work.

Suspected of being used by the government for propaganda purposes, Albert has appeared on government-controlled electronic media saying that there is no discrimination in Pakistan against religious minorities.

His episcopal “ordination” ceremony, in an Evangelical sect not known to have a hierarchical structure, was reportedly held in several cities and shown on cable television in sparsely populated western Pakistan.

Albert’s acceptance of Law 295-C, which mandates death for conviction of the loosely defined offense of blaspheming Mohammed, places him squarely at odds with Joseph, who campaigned for the repeal of the law.

Now read this comment by Bishop Javed Albert regarding the Danish Muhammed cartoons in European newspapers:

A resolution presented by Rt Rev Bishop Javed Albert to the United Nations officials for Secretary General Kofi Annan said: “The UNO should prepare and implement a legal framework according to which nobody be allowed to desecrate the holiness of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Jesus, Moses, David and other prophets.

Notice the Islamic affirmations in his language. Does this sound like someone you want to follow (as a Christian)?

While I agree the Holy Spirit is working mysteriously among some Protestant and Evangelical circles, this type of thread is unfounded sensationalism. This wonderful forum doesn’t need more like this one.

I agree.

Unbelievable, so worshipping God in a way which you think is right is sinful? No wonder people shy away from christianity…it is this kind of intolerance that brought us to the dark ages…

What Jesus wants is repentant, circumcised, humbled and obedient hearts in relationship with Him.

Like I said. Oh please…Pastor Bob’s living room? :rotfl:

Probably Catholics in the America are more on fire pertaining to their strong believes, however in my country, it is the protestant who are on fire in serving the Lord then the Catholic

Its because of strong prominant leaders such as Pat Robertson, Jack Chick and Duane Gish.

You catholics should learn a lesson from these great men and turn away from your archaic, monolithic and WRONG leader you call a pope

May God remove the ignorance from your eyes my brothers <3


The Pope is not wrong. You are. The fact that you imply that he is “archaic” simply implies on your modernistic view point.
The Church should never, has never, will never change for the sake of the modern world.
I suggest you read the entrusting of the Keys by Jesus Christ to Peter before you make a bold statement. I would rather hope that you are not rebuking the Early Church Fathers, who held a different view that what you think.

And you will know the false prophets by the fruits of their works…

Charasimatic leaders come and go…there is a lot of Catholic charasmatic leaders throughout the years…we often call them Saints.

Catholic-bashing, aside, these people do have a good message, that holds SOME truth, not all, but some. In this day in age when many are raised with NO religion, I’m pretty sure the efforts are not usless.

I’m sorry, but these men are no more gifted in showing people the way to Christ than John Paul II or Benedict XVI. We have people who do a pretty good job of evangelizing like Father Corapi and most of the crew on EWTN. And let’s not forget the influence of Mother Teresa. There are plenty of wonderful Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, who are bringing people to Christ. It doesn’t seem right to get into a fight over who does the best job.

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