Protestants: Could you please do us all a favor??

Could you please attend an RCIA class (finish it) before attempting to argue Catholic versus Protestant theology…

Yes, i suppose Catholics should study various Protestant theologies also… but i feel most Catholics on the forums have (more or less) done that…

I’m sorry, but it really rankles me when Protestants think they know Catholic theology and they so positively DO NOT!!

another source of information about the true Catholic faith can be found here at Catholic Answers…

I just don’t think it is right to attack something you do not understand…

Got any “favorite peeves” in that regard?

no comprendo…

What regard??

Interesting topic, after I asked for help with responding to a Catholic Post yesterday and couldn’t get a single response after 300 hits… I asked for a clear understanding from a Catholic and couldn’t get it! I did not want the wrong information being put out there about the Catholic Church and then today I was accused of being anti-Catholic. Go figure!


It’s not only Protestants that do this. I would suggest that some of our Catholic brethren who have come here lately to argue against the Church’s Teachings attend more in-depth catechesis before spilling opinions. :rolleyes:

I don’t think they should attend RCIA, which is for those who have made the decision to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. However, most parishes offer Inquiry sessions, which are open to everyone with inquiring minds. Problem is, how much instruction do people really receive at Inquiry sessions, or even RCIA? As an RCIA leader I can tell you that these ministries focus more on “formation” than information, when, in fact, both are equally important.

There are many resources out there for those interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith. This website, Catholic Answers, offers a huge selection of books and tapes on apologetics and Catholic teaching. First and foremost, every Catholic and non-Catholic should refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I would recommend reading the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This format is in the user-friendly, question-and-answer format, much like our old Baltimore Catechisms.

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:thumbsup: Good Idea. It would also be helpful if our protestant friends can recomment the same type of book - if they have one - or some other resource that explains things as I get confused between them all (unfortunately not an unusual occurance:blush: )

As a protestant (although my church steadfastly disagrees that we are “protesting” anything) I unfortunately have to agree with you. The lack of original thought or scholarship among Protestants is appalling. We say that Catholics are hide-bound by tradition but let me tell you, hearing vitually the same 5 songs, 3 specials and then sermon for years on end is really starting to get on my nerves. The only thing that changes is the flower arrangement on the alter.
I recently started doing some serious Bible study and research into church history (Catholic and Protestant) and I am learning a lot of very discouraging and disappointing things.

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That’s one heck of an investment for something one already has his mind made up about.

Instead of arguing theology teachings, which have been honed to a few fundamental questions over the past 491 years, I suggest the Catholic slam dunk question to Protestants:

How long has your Protestant church been teaching that contraception is ok?

Wow! I’m sure that somebody provided you with a reason for writing this, and, for that, I’m sorry. A lot of us “Protestants” do follow and participate in these forums to learn and not to attack. As for myself, I spent a year in Inquiry and a couple of months in RCIA. I knew far more about Catholic theology than my instructors. (Example: One instructor said she was glad her friend was Protestant so she could get a divorce without any guilt…this remark showed ignorance about both Catholicism and many non-Catholic religions). As for Catholics on these forums knowing and studying other religions…some do, no doubt. There are many who don’t and lump us all together as not believing in infant baptism, or not having a liturgical format, or not believing in the Real Presence of the Lord’s Supper …with no regard to those of us who actually believe in all of these things. I think if both sides could come to the table with the attitude of learning and not trying to convert everyone, a post such as yours wouldn’t be necessary.

Things that Protestants get wrong about Catholic theology.

What is a special?

Perhaps we could all learn more about each others’ beliefs by asking, listening, and most importantly, participating in these duscussions by explaining what we believe, instead of trying to explain (and criticize) what others believe.
I have learned more about what Catholics believe by lurking and reading what Catholics here say, then checking out NewAdvent or something. I also have a basic Catechism.

For those wanting to learn about Lutheranism, I suggest the Book of Concord. It is online in a number of places, including The Small Catechism is a good start.


Several thoughts come to mind.

  1. I would take this post more seriously if the obligation you suggest to study Catholic theology were similarly imposed on Catholics.

  2. I don’t “attack” Catholic theology–ever. I do point out things I disagree with or don’t understand. Far more often I point out errors about, or misrepresentations of the Protestant faith.

  3. The level of knowledge of Protestant theology on here varies greatly, I do on occasion respond to posts by Catholics (my mistake perhaps) that clearly misrepresent Protestant theology (I’m ready to swear off this board for good if I see one more post complaining about “30,000 versions of the Protestant religion, or words to that effect”).

I agree; it rankles me when people (Catholics included) think they know the theology of another faith and proceed to argue against (or sometimes even incorrectly for) that faith. Maybe the thread should be entitled “People of All Religions; Could you please do us all a favor?” Protestants most certainly do not have a monopoly on misunderstanding the faith of others!


When a soloist or duo sing a song that is unaccompanied by the congregation (who then, upon completion of said song, says “amen” or recently, claps)

I think it’s important to respect fellow Christians, whether they are Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant.

I just read the the Holy Father is participating in a Bible Marathon in Italy–he and 1200 other people will be reading the Bible on TV. He gets to begin the Marathon by reading the first chapter of Genesis.

But here’s the relevant point for this thread–Catholics, Protestants, and Jews are participating.

Our dear Pope Benedict XVI does not disdain to associate with Protestants. Why should we?

And we need to remember that all of us have spent years and years becoming assimiliated into our particular faith community, and to us, it seems absolutely trustworthy. It is very difficult to discover that what you believe is untrue or twisted in some way. There is a grieving process that comes with giving up treasured beliefs, and part of the grieving process is anger.

We need to be patient and gentle with each other, and always remember that the Holy Spirit is the One who leads us into Truth.

Very well said. :thumbsup: It goes both ways.


That one’s easy… :smiley:

It doesn’t. In fact, the church I grew up in taught abstinence, not contraception.

Why is this such a ‘slam dunk’ question in your opinion? :rolleyes:

Guess that is just the point of this thread. Before you start making accusations or being smug in what you THINK that another christian faith teaches or believes you may want to learn and ask questions…

Thanx for proving the point! :thumbsup:

Ha! Ha! Okay then… I was hoping some of you would go to those classes yourself so that you could do a better job of expounding upon your own doctrines and beliefs. You seem to use ignorance as a weapon against those who pose things to you that you have no answer or recourse for. Looks like you better stop calling others ignorant and do something about your own ignorance.:thumbsup:

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