Protestants Differences in Primary Doctrines


Where can I find a chart showing all primary doctrines and a contrast of beliefs between major Protestant Denominations.



Reason I ask is because the protestants I know all claim that Primary doctrines are all clearly taught in the bible and those all denominations are in agreement of these. I guess I’m looking for a comparison chart of the sorts that clearly illustrates that this is not true, unless it actually is. They say that secondary issues are what seperates denominations.


Here is a thumbsketch type chart. Not very descriptive, but it might help some.


That was good, I wonder if there are any others. Like for example, belief in the real presence of the Eucharist, Baptism as a symbol or as having an actual effect, etc.


The only primary doctrines the various Protestant groups agree on are what they retained from the Catholic Church, such as the Trinity, etc. and the fact they reject they authority of the Church.

They do not even agree on the interpetation of the Reformation Solas (Faith alone, Scripture alone, etc.). So, although they will not admit it, the Catholic Church is the determiner of the primary doctrines both in a positive and negative sense.


Good Luck. I have often asked non-Catholic Christians what are the essentials and the funny thing is they can never tell me. The essentials are whatever their pastor says they are.


The chart someone linked to is fairly accurate (oversimplified, but all such charts are going to be oversimplified), with one glaring exception. Methodists do believe that regenerate people can fall away; in fact they are among the staunchest Protestant champions of that particular tenet of orthodoxy. Also, whether “Evangelicals” believe in eternal security or not depends on whom you mean by “Evangelicals.” Aren’t holiness and Pentecostal Christians evangelicals?

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I don’t think they make a spread sheet 33,800 plus rows down by thousands of columns wide for this! And that’s just the ‘organized’ denominations.:whacky:

Then you must add in all the non-denominational individuals, etc.

You will only find small comparisons like the one earlier. Anything else would be futile. How could you even update the chart faster then the protestant sects change their faith and morals? Just keeping up with the the protestant changes on gays in clergy, birth control, abortion, 73 or 63 Books in Scripture, etc. is mind boggling. By the time the chart was made you’d have new sects and sects that have already changed their faith and morals before the ink was dry!

In my last Baptist church even the congregation had different views on the same major concepts like the Trinity. Disagree with the preacher? Boot ‘em out or start your own church! Happens about 5 times per week average if I recall the statistic correctly.

Just a note of perspective here too. Catholics are not immune either.:rolleyes: We also have several patriarchs with various views too. We also have individuals that do not follow all their Faith and Morals call for like on birth control or abortion. One big thing going for Catholics is that our Faith and Morals of the deposit of Faith have never and will never change. Things may get added (as Gods Word is revealed to us) but nothing is ever deleted. God has one everlasting and unchangeable Word. Our Church has, is and will be loyal to God.

If you church changes its Faith and Morals whenever the wind changes is that not a hint that it is not Christ’s one true church?:hmmm: If our nation says gays have equality and your church allows them to become ministers is it following Gods Word or the gay lobbyists in Washington? I’ll stick in a Church that follows the Word of God and not of the gay, abortion, pharmaceutical or planned parent hood lobbyists in Washington D.C.

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