Protestants: Do you watch EWTN?


To My separated brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings from the land of Babylon. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you always. I would like to know if any of you watch EWTN, and I like to know the following. EWTN is also available online in streaming videas in from there website; it works very well with high speed cable.

*]What did you learn from watching EWTN?

*]What is your favorite program?

*]Did it clarify any beliefs that you had about the Catholic Church?

*]What do you like to see more about the program?


Yeah actually I do. Sometimes. Between EWTN and TBN I will take EWTN any day of the week.

When I was in the hospital and in 1/2 a stupor I had EWTN on most of the time. I had to explain to the hospital staff I was not Catholic. As I was getting better though, I watched more ESPN and CNN. It was about that time the Red Sox were signing Matsuzaka and I had my priorities.:wink: .

That having been said, I don’t watch any TV that much…let alone Christian TV.

I dunno if I learn all that much. There was a sweet elderly couple that had a show about saints that I liked. I remember watching pope B in Poland and being fascinated by it. It was a production every bit as big as Billy Graham. Watching the assorted masses are interesting. Watching the Sisters do the rosary thing was fascinating to me. It seemed odd…but when I flipped to TBN to contrast…in fairness it seemed no more odd than TBN.

Although the minute I turn on EWTN and I hear them rationalizing the inquistion, burning at the stake, and similar stuff like some folks here do…that will be the last time I watch EWTN.


I have in the past…I watched Mother Angelica at times years ago…I can’t say I enjoyed it really, but then I don’t enjoy many “religious” programs…they tend to reduce Christianity to “club status”.


I just started watching EWTN over a year now and they don’t put it in club status. That maybe your view, but it isn’t.

The programs I love is Journey Home and Pure Life, Fr. Corapi, and Biblical Mary.


I remember the first time I saw EWTN. I was on business in Pennsylvania and while flipping channels in the hotel saw this catholic network.

I really didn’t know what to make of it. At the time, the only priests I had seen before were during a mass. So this was a very different side of catholcism. I remember there being a program on about new age healing and the gist of the dicussion was to warn people that some doctors and hosiptal were using no christian spritual means to heal and beware. At the time I thought, hmm, this doesn’t seem that different from what you might see on the 700 Club.

The second encounter I had with EWTN was in New Jersey was a call in show where Mother Angelica was answering questions. She made the comment that people today will tell just about anyone on the street their sins, but they wouldn’t go to confession.

On the whole I took from EWTN that there was a whole side of catholic life I had not seen much less understood before.


I don’t get it at my house, but my mom has direct TV and when I go visit her, I watch it sometimes. I’ve heard great things of both Fr. Corapi and The Journey Home and of course, I’ve never been able to catch either of them. :rolleyes:

I’ve heard the singing of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which was very nice and most of the time when I watch it there’s a mass on. I think I head a group praying of the rosary once, and I’ve seen Mother Angelica once.

My goal is to see, at least once, one of those two programs mentioned above. :thumbsup:


You can listen to Fr. Corapi at at 10:00am Central time. :slight_smile:


My wife watches EWTN.

  1. By watching the Daily Mass I realized that Catholics don’t really worship Mary, Saints, and statues like I was led to believe.
    While I had been interested in Catholicism for some time, the beauty of the Mass on EWTN really led me to study it further, and I have since come to reject my Baptist upbringings of sola scriptura and sola fide, and have accepted in fullness everything taught by the Church. I had never been to Mass before and after seeing the beauty of the EWTN Mass I decided to go to Sunday Mass at one of my local parishes about a month ago. I was very impressed to say the least, and while I have had a few stumbling blocks on the way (such as considering Orthodoxy), I can say with assurance that I will be attending RCIA in September. I can say that EWTN has helped me immensly on the path home.

  2.  Life is Worth Living with Fulton Sheen. (My favorite)
      The Journey Home
      Catholic Church Through the Ages
      Rome Reports
      Anything w/ Mother Angelica
      Fr. Corapi
      And of course the Daily Mass
  3. I learned a few things from watching EWTN such as my first sentence in answer #1, but in reality watching it led me to check out apologetic sites and forums like this, where I really began to learn what the Church really taught and why. So I can guess you can say it itched that nerve to learn more.

  4. More Fulton Sheen (I know there is only a limited number of episodes they can show, so I’m just kidding). I wish they showed Mass from different places from around the world that are know for their beautiful Masses. Maybe a TLM from St. Mary Mother of God in DC, Mass from the Vatican, maybe something from Notre Dame, etc. so we could get a broader sense of what Mass is like around the world and see some of the famous Cathedrals in the process.


Yea for you!!! Welcome home!!! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Second this. :slight_smile:
Life is Worth Living with Fulton Sheen. - that is an awesome program which I listen to every morning on my way to work.


Thanks water. i saved it to my favorites. Now all I have to do is remember it! :eek:


EWTN is great. I particularly like Fr. Benedict Groeschel and The Journey Home, and I often watch the Mass.


Beautiful post! Very heartfelt. Welcome Home!!


If I could get it here at home, I would probably watch it quite a bit…but I have neither cable nor a dish, so no go…
But, in 2004, I was in hospital for a week, when I had open heart surgery. EWTN was fantastic! I cannot abide :eek: TBN…and other TV was just dreadful to even think about. (T^hey didn’t carry anything worth watching, IMO, on the hospital TVs).
EWTN had great programming, any hour of the day or night that I was awake. I liked: most of Johnette Benkovic; Franciscan Hour; another interview type show whose name I cannot remember, but anyhow, that was the format that I really enjoyed & was inspired by. Good solid Christian entertainment, sserious discussions…If I could afford cable (much less the level of cable around here that you have to get, to get EWTN), I would be watching those & probably others, still…
You know what’s funny though? I pray the rosary every day, and the one thing I didn’t like was with the nuns reciting the rosary. I know, intellectually, that they were really actually praying it, but it sounded, I dunno…dreary. Depressed even. (Mind you, I was full of pain meds. I may be remebering part truth & part illusion. But one thing out of the whole day that you don’t like? That’s amazing!!!):thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Erm…maybe a stupid question, but what IS EWTN :blush:


Eternal Word Television Network Global Catholic Network…

It provides program for Catholics.


EWTN isn’t available on my television but we have EWTN radio in my community. I discovered it about two years ago and now listen to it during most of my drive time (about 40 minutes a day). It has led me to a new understanding and appreciation of Catholicism. I fear that in the near future I will have to cut my Baptist ties and enroll in RCIA.


It’s available on streaming videos from EWTN’s website.


I fear that in the near future I will have to cut my Baptist ties and enroll in RCIA :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

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