Protestants have a warped view of Satan?

Hey, just something I’ve noticed over a while of attending various youth groups and conferences. I think that Protestants have a bad view of Satan. I say that because every time they talk about him they always say he has no power anymore and that Jesus’s death on the Cross took away all power that Satan had. Whenever they have their version of confession, they always bind Satan by “the Blood of Jesus”. If Satan had a rope wrapped around him for as many times I’ve heard Protestants bind him, he’d be so small I could fit him in a matchbox. I always hear them binding Satan and cursing Satan and driving Satan out. I think that, in a way (correct me if I’m wrong), that Protestants think they can control Satan to an extent. To me it seems that they can’t comprehend that Satan has real power over people. Jesus’s death didn’t take away Satan’s power, it just gave people a way to protect themselves from it! I always hear Protestants telling Satan to go away, or stop doing something, with the (IMHO) naive assumption that Satan will do what they say. I don’t know if Protestants realize fully that Satan rebelled against God, and he has the power to tempt others to do the same. By the way, before any Lutherans or Presbyterians jump on my back about how they’re not like that, I’ve noticed this more in Evangelical/Fundamental/Pentecostal Christians.


This is an example of what I call “pop evangelicalism.”

They’re like crazy teenagers, thinking they can risk danger without the consequences. (And not all teenagers are crazy, btw)

Hello TheWhoFreak, Im hoping I can clear some of this up for you pertaining to the binding and loosing of things. See Matthew 18:18 - There are many references to this point, but for now I will just share the one. Protestants know they do not have power over Satan themselves. It is Christ that lives in them that has this power. Christ has given us access to this power through Him and through His Word. How did Jesus drive Satan off when he was led into the wilderness to be tempted…He quoted the Word of God everytime. We can drive off Satan in the same way. Because Jesus has overcome the world as written in Scripture, He has given us the power to overcome the world as well. I know this is short and just gives you a taste of what I am saying, but I encourage you study this topic in your Bible and you will see the power Jesus has given us access to - to overcome anything.

You don’t actually think that Jesus was talking to EVERYBODY in Matthew about binding and loosing, do you? :confused:

Or that He was talking about binding Satan, do you?

So you’re saying that if we quote Scripture to Satan he will just let us alone and that’s that? Pretty sweet deal, except that’s not how it works ;). See, Satan rebelled against God Himself, and he has power to tempt others to do the same. You say that Scripture worked every time when Jesus was being tempted. Do you notice that Satan kept coming back? He went away from Scripture but only for a little bit. In the end it took Jesus (aka God’s) command to send Satan away for a significant amount of time. In reality, the only people who have the real power to send Satan away are God and His clergy in the Catholic Church. See that Christ wasn’t speaking to everyone in Matthew 18:18. He was speaking ONLY to the Apostles. So only the Apostles and the rest of the Catholic clergy (due to Apostolic Succession) are the only humans who really have the power of God to drive out the Devil.

When the resurrection happens look for the guy punching Satan square in the jaw…that would be me.

Actually, this is not entirly so. It is true that we can Bind Satan and drive him out of our own lives in a manner such as was described, but we do not have the power to exorcise Satan from others, neither do we have the power to stop Satan from returning to attack us(a power that Christ did have).

Only The apostles had the power to do that, to totally expel Satan from someone else is a power not Given to all, except the apostles. Satan will leave us for a time, but he will be back to attack us.

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