Protestants, have you been accused of cannibalism?

If not, why not, if your faith is the faith of the Early Church? For the Early Christians were accused of cannibalism. If their belief regarding the Eucharist was the same as your belief, why are you not also accused of cannibalism as they were?

Catholics, it turns out, are daily accused of cannibalism. Just as were the first Christians.

Well … unlike the first-century Christians, I haven’t been accused of sedition against Caesar, or of disrespecting Jupiter. Sorry if that’s blown my early-church cred.

And I have too been accused of cannibalism, repeatedly. All right, religion didn’t have much to do with it. It’s … complicated.

Well, if Protestants considered the early Christians as more Protestant than Catholic, then they might really consider themselves as having been accused of such. Anyway, I doubt if this is an issue among Protestants nowadays, except perhaps in discussions of early Church history.

Early Christians within the Roman Empire in the first and second centuries were accused of a lot of things owing to a malicious and prejudiced readings of early Christian practices. For example, pagans who heard that Christians shared the “Body and Blood” of Jesus in the Eucharist thought that it referred to actual human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism, while “love feasts” were mistaken for sexual orgies. By the third century, these rumours had been discredited as sheer fabrications.

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