Protestants: Have you changed your mind on anything "Catholic" because of something said on these forums?

Please let us know what it is. Thanks… :slight_smile:


Is that like a mean no? Or a “don’t even go there” type of no.

Haven’t changed my mind on anything doctrine wise. I have, however, met some great people and gained a greater respect for the Catholic veracity on the Real Presence and Baptismal Regeneration

no… Sorry… you are not “forever baptist”… If the Catholic Church is the one Christ established on Earth… (and it is), you will be Catholic either here or in the next life (Purgatory, hopefully)…

Every knee shall bow… To Christ and his Church… One saint (can’t recall which one) said that “The Church IS Christ.”

If you knew what i know… you would agree…

they couldn’t be too great if their doctrines are “lies”… right?

to allis.


I have learned a lot here, and hopefully learn a lot more. I still have some things but thats for the topic I made.

Jesus said it.
On the road to Damascus He asked Paul "Why do you perscute me?"
Paul was persecuting the church, but Jesus said ‘me’.



Which doctrines are lies?
Works are useless?
Jesus speaks symbollically in John 6?
we are not to confess to a man?
baptism is symbollic?

like these?

By this response, I know why this is the response.

what is the most significant (to you) thing you have learned??

Excellent point!! thanks… :slight_smile:

i don’t say they are lies… i am just saying that many Protestants think they are false beliefs… so why would a Protestant have a lot of respect for Catholics, yet reject Catholic doctrines… Kinda doesn’t make sense to me…

I’d like to know what you have not changed about the Catholic faith?

I’m with you … but at the same time we don’t know what idea they had about catholics in general.

Many non-Catholics think that Catholics do not (or are not allowed to) read the bible.
I think anyone that comes here has to at least appreciate how submerged in scripture we really are.

Many think we have absolutely no backing for why we teach what we do.
I’m betting some come to these forums might be impressed that we actually have backing for why we believe what we do … even if they don’t agree with it.



I have changed my mind on the ever virginity of Mary. I used to believe that Mary had other children, so much so that I once got into a huge argument with someone about it. Now I fully accept the ever virginity of Mary thanks to the search function.

That the Wine and Bread thing is backed up by scripture, and I saw the scripture and read it, so I know its true.

The rock thing, except I still do not get it, but I can see much better how they could be the papacy started, but I need to research much further before I decide on it, so don’t hold me on it :o .

I think the word “lies” must be used with caution. I consider many Protestant (and Orthodox) claims to be false; but when Protestants (resp. Orthodox) talk to me about their beliefs, I wouldn’t describe that as “lying”.


I have decided that Catholicism isn’t for me.

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