Protestants Persecuting Catholics

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I have a quick question. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to a book or a website that give concrete evidence of Protestants persecuting Catholics? We all know about the Catholic crusades, inquisitions and such, but what is hardly ever discussed is the Protestant events. What is even more fasciniating is with Protestantism so fragmented, some denominations act as if they played no part in any persecution of Catholics.

I have tried to avoid this subject because who wants to talk about Christians killing Christians. However, I have a need to see the whole of Christianity in its good, bad and ugly.

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This is not a Christian website but has a lot of documentation.

And there are many historical cases where Protestants persecuted other Protestants–starting back during the Reformation.

I am reading an interesting (though written from a Protestant perspective) about Michael Servetus who was ultimately burned at the stake by Calvin and his followers in 1553 in Geneva Switzerland. Calvin believed his was the one true Christian faith and was enraged that Servetus wrote doctrine that contradicted Calvin’s. The book is called “Out of the Flames” by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone.

There will always be intolerance as long as people maintain differences. The act of a protestant hating a catholic, or a catholic hating a protestant has more to do with ignorance and misunderstanding of differences than anything else.

Try living in South Georgia in the 40’s and even early 50’s. The KKK was active and were anti Catholic, Jew, Native American, Hispanic and black. They were not very particular about the sequence. If you were not a WASP you were out and it was a very bad idea to cross them.

[quote=La Chiara]And there are many historical cases where Protestants persecuted other Protestants–starting back during the Reformation.


That’s true. Alot of people never think about it, but the Pilgrims from England came to escape religious persecution, remember? Who was persecuting them? The Anglicans. That’s why certain Catholics also came here and set up the first Catholic colony, Maryland (my state :smiley: )

That being said, I think Protestants and Catholics both have a pretty sordid history of persecuting each other.

I seem to recall my dad telling me that growing up in Pennsylvania as a Catholic in a Protestant neighborhood, boys would throw rocks at him and insult him.


*:*Calvin believed his was the one true Christian faith and was enraged that Servetus wrote doctrine that contradicted Calvin’s.:

Servetus was burned for denying the Trinity. The Inquisition at Lyons had condemned him already–he passed through Geneva (I’m not quite sure why) in his flight from the Inquisition and Calvin had him arrested. Just about everybody wanted to burn Servetus. That doesn’t nullify your main point–it’s just that liberal/free church Protestants don’t understand the distinction between orthodoxy and one’s personal opinions, and they make it sound as if Calvin burned Servetus for denying some peculiar notion of his.

Mind you, a few years later Calvin was going after another guy called Jerome Bolsec, and he may possibly have wanted to have him executed too, though Bolsec had simply denied predestination (not that that was a peculiar notion of Calvin’s either, but it was far more controversial). But in that case Calvin’s friends and colleagues basically said, “no way, you’re going too far.” Servetus, on the other hand, had very few defenders.

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A little of the sad history in this part of the world:(

Things are on the up though, e.g the Moderator of the Church of Scotland now visits Catholic Churches and our Cardinal has spoken at the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.:slight_smile:

I think we’ve all made great strides over the past century, helped greatly by the openess and vision of Vatican II.

*]My Lutheran congregation staffs a soup kitchen once a month at St. John’s RC church in downtown Newark.
*]We also make cotributions toward and particpate in the Holocaust center activities at a local Catholic college.
*]Yesterday, the focus of our sermon was Mother Theresa
*]Pope John XXIII is honored officially in our calendar of feasts (festivals).
[/list]Fact is, lots of people did lots of stupid, inhumane things in the past. If one dwells on those things, it will draw you away from your faith, not help you grow in it. There are tons of misconceptions and misinformation perpetuated on both sides by folks acting out of ignorance or according to a personal agenda. Get to know some folks on “the other side”, encourage joint activities, see what Christians can really do together.


The best way to prevent any religious persecution is to keep religion away from political power. That was why, when the Framers of the US Constitution wrote church-state separation into it, the Baptists supported them: they didn’t want any other Christian sect to have dominance and persecute them.

Sure, here is modern day persecution.

Check out the guest book, on the paisly site, interesting thoughts on Catholics here.

Here’s a site on the persecution of Catholics in Ireland:

Persecution of Catholics in Mexico:

Muslim Persecution of Catholics:

Persecution of Catholics in the Third REich:

There is more, if you want. All I did was type “persecution of Catholics” into the google search engine. :slight_smile:

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