Protestants: Question about your view of confession and forgiveness...

As a Catholic, and former Anglican, I always felt that Jesus’ statement to the apostles in John 20, "Receive the holy spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained,"****** really gives unique power to the apostles to forgive sins. I see nothing where the laity are given such powers or where the Lord gives the individual the power to privately repent of sins and confess in the quiet of his conscience? Forgiveness seems penitential and apostolic, not private. I’d like to know where most Protestants get their theology of private, personal confession?

In the Anglican Church, confession, as their old addage goes, “all may, some should, none must.” They claim to be apostolic and, when I was an Anglican, I just was never sure if my sins were truly forgiven during the group confession of sin during the service. That was just my own feeling. I’d like to hear all of your thoughts…Thanks!

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