Protestants say the Pre-trib rapture not an 1830's invention


I need some thurough debunkings of this, to show my friend the fallocy of it all


Don’t sweat it, cos that site’s all just hype. He offers nothing from the ECF that show that any of them believed that interp. The fact is that all he can do is quote some passages of scripture (which is all most people who take that position can do), but the fact is that there is no historical evidence that this doctrine was held by anyone who was remotely credible prior to the 1800s . Fact is that it WAS unknown until the advent of the Scofield Reference Bible commentary. It has caught on because some modern Christians are terribly afraid of the devil and the persecutions that Jesus plainly told us we will endure near the end of time. IMO it’s just a warm fuzzy escapist docrtrine that some folks just wanna believe. Me…I’m in for the long haul.
Pax vobiscum,


Ummm, I just skimmed it, but it seems their best claim is that it was invented in the 1740s at the earliest. They quote zero early Christian writings from before 1740 (besides their own personal interpretation of Scripture) to show that anyone even mentioned it before then. What’s their point?


Well to their credit they quote someone from the 18th century, although I have no idea how that fits into the larger world of 19th century and later Rapture theology.

But still they offer nothing to show that the early Christians believed it. And if they try to push back to the 15th Century or earlier, they’re in trouble because any writer they would come up with would be pretty solidly Catholic or Orthodox. And since the belief is pretty much unheard of in these traditional branches of Christianity, you can pretty well assume that whatever they are trying to pass off as early rapture theology is being misrepresented or taken out of context.


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